Thursday, August 07, 2008

Breastfeeding in the News

H&M Breastfeeding Incident
and the most recent WestJest Brestfeeding Incident
Both stories are bothersome.
I'm lucky in the way that no matter where I nursed either of my boys no "official" has ever asked me to cover up, and I can honestly say I've nursed EVERYWHERE in public, restaurants, clothing stores, grocery stores, in airplanes yadah yadah. Sure, I don't see my boobs as being a sexual entity anymore cause they are primarily used as feeding vessels, but I've always had the comfort of my body to be able to nurse anywhere, no matter what anyone had to say about it. If someone wanted to gawk in hopes of catching a glimpse of anything, I'd say good luck to them. I'm a pro at being able to do it without being blatant about it, I even wear two layers of shirts when I'm going out so I can nurse without showing my tummy and still have the upper portion of my boob covered.
That being said, it takes a certain amount of finesse to be able to do it without ppl noticing. It's not something women are born knowing how to do comfortably (nursing, that is), but learning how to do it with confidence takes time, and it takes small steps. Nursing a child takes a lot of courage, no matter where you are, and for someone to do it publicly is an amazing feat considering all of the cards are stacked against them. To have to be asked to do anything special "in consideration for other people" is completely demeaning.
I have to wonder, if I were out and about and some bottle-feeding mother (and I mean no offense to them, this is just an example, kudos for their choice) was feeding her child, if I asked some "official" to have them put their rubber nipple away because it offends me as a nursing mom, would they treat it the same way?
I'm a passionate person and I do believe had anyone asked me anyplace to cover myself up to nurse someone, or the whole place would've heard about it.
We were given our right to nurse in public, we shouldn't have restrictions on how we go about it.

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