Thursday, August 21, 2008

All I Wanna Do is Sleep

This is gonna be hectic.
I washed mom-in-laws car today to get some time in the sun. Wow, my back sure got tan, but my belly didn't...I actually ventured out in my bikini, and hoped that for the most part no one saw me.
The boys played in their pool, splashed around, rammed their cars into each other, and were just typical boys for the most part.
Had to take Darius to the Dr.'s today, I've noticed him complaining about not being able to catch his breath and his chest hurting, so I thought I'd seize the opportunity before school started and it got difficult to get around that schedule.
Anyhow, once we got there as soon as Darius opened the door for me we were hit by the smell of raw sewage. Eww.
We went down the stairs and there were chairs with other patients in the hallway and their office door was opened. I went in to check him in, and saw plastic on the walls, and heard dripping.
The secretary said that the office directly above them was doing some reno's (actually the whole building was undergoing them, and it had fresh paint on the walls) and someone somehow hit a sewer pipe and burst it. So, their poor office was being flooded with raw sewage. Not a healthy thing to be breathing in, as it can cause toxic fumes and the like. The poor office staff was on edge calling all of that day's appointments and canceling or rescheduling. Sucked to be them. We were one of the last patients to be seen.
As it was, the Dr. said there was nothing to worry about, and that he sounded fine and checked out great. He said we should be worried if he complains for more than 30 minutes.
Yesterday I had gotten up and out the door thinking his appiontment was for Wednesday instead of Thursday, and made the trip there for nothing, which made me feel silly.
Afterwards we went shopping for D's new school clothes with the lessened allowance from CTB. I have a hard time believing I spent as much as I did, and always do everytime I spend any signifigant amount on something that isn't absolutely needed. I could've gone to Wal Mart or something and gotten everything for at least 50-75 dollars cheaper...but oh well I guess. I still need to get him a new backpack, and some boxers, if they make them that small.
I'm tired...I just want to sleep, but when the evening comes around and we get the kids to bed, I won't be able to sleep, you just watch.

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Janet said...

eeeuuuu, what a smell!