Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Well, the weekend is over.
Steven left this morning, Chance drove Gramma & Ralph home lastnight with D, Pokie didn't come, and neither did Wayne or Art, but Mary made an appearance.
It was an ok weekend I suppose, not too overly busy, not overly loud either.
We had a pretty decent time, I must say, and the food was wonderful, as usual.
Hunter entertained the masses, and Darius was as rambuncious as ever.
It was a nice family gathering, as to be expected.
I didn't take any pictures though, strangely enough, not a one.
Don was nice and installed the printer driver and a couple anti-virus thingies for us by remote assistance.
Just gotta get printer cartridges now.
Had my hands full trying to get the place back into order this morning before the boys got home.
Managed to get some stuff done, but not as much as I'dve liked.

I did nothing but laundry this weekend, thankfully, Gramma did a lot folding to help me get everything cleaned up.
back to regular doesn't feel like my birthday is just a week away.

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