Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Nov. 1st

This last week has gone by rather quickly.
Hunter can:
-bring a toy to his mouth
-reach for a toy within his grasp
-squeal with delight
-turn to a voice he recognizes
-flap and kick his arms and legs when he's excited
-cry in different tones to let us know what he wants or needs
-splash playfully when he's in his tub

We've accepted a new place, and will be moving out of here on Nov. 1st.
It's a 2 bdrm, 1 1/2 bath mobiel home of a co-worker of mom's. The yard is big, level, clean, and fenced. I haven't been inside yet, but am choosing to trust Chance's judgement. Lots of organizing is in order. Since it's a mobile home, it won't fit out dining room set, so we'll have to keep the storage unit, hopefully we can downgrade to a smaller size and lessen the rent payments there.
I hope all goes smoothly.

Have been trying to get my g/c from the Health Unit since b4 Thanksgiving, but have yet to secure it. *sigh* Maybe I'll grab it today. I'd like to spend it on pumpkins, but that'd just be irresponsible seeing as we'll be moving, and will need groceries in our new home.
Kimmie says we cal all go, but Hunter has to stay. *g*
Hunter sure does love his Kimmie, you never hear him talk to much as when Kim's around.
Took D &H outside yesterday after it stopped raining, D splashed in the mud in the driveway, then moved on to the big puddles at the end of the street. He had water in his boots by the time we got home. :o) I dropped a booty from H and didn't realize it, and our neighbour (whose dogs name is Tater) was kind enough to put 2&2 together, and brought it back to me. Was a surprise to hear the doorbell, and find Tater on our doorstep. Had to chuckle at that.

S'gonna be a big undertaking, being with the kids alone. Hopefully we can work out a gameplan on dicipline and such. Consistency will help us tremendously.
I do plan on getting a job, just haven't thought of where...but i suppose i can just apply at local stores. S'good enough for me, as long as I don't have to work two jobs again. Well, I guess I could handle for a short term, but a long term is out of the question. The last time I worked long term two jobs I truly hated living.
No plans for tommorow, just a night in with the boys, and am hoping D will make me a cake, with all his special decorations.

Have decided what I'm making for a treat for D's class, Floating Eyeballs. :o) Guesome name, I know. Homemade applesauce, red/green grapes with chocolate chips pushed into the ends. :o)
I'm also making masks. :o) Anything to kill time.

Thinking is never a good thing.

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Anonymous said...

sounds exciting! and the floating eyeballs sound cool and fun!