Friday, October 27, 2006

Ho Hum

Chance's truck is dead again. So, the money for that new battery is down the drain.
this week really snuck by quickly, and I'm left rushing to make the Super Mario costume for D.
Not to mention the masks that I wanted to make. I do commit myself too much to some of this stuff, I know, but I actually do really enjoy it. I enjoy the knowledge that I'm the only parent who puts forth any amount of effort (besides chopping food) for the kids to really make them enjoy the holiday.
Got my apples lastnight when I was out with mom.
D's room was such a sty that I cleaned it lastnight. I made his bed too cause when he spilled water on it, I took everything off to hang to dry, but didn't put sheets on it.
So, his room now has a stack of boxes, an empty shelf, and some toy piled up neatly by the door.
Today I have to try and get D's costume made, so I'm not rushing through the weekend.
Man I need to clean in here, but I just don't have the's one or the other.
Am kind of saddened that I missed the last wednesday of the month, but oh well, there's always another month.
So, am just unwinding myself before I get myself pshyched out to make the costume.
Here's hoping I can pop it off today.

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