Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Jesus is out to get me

It TOTALLY figures.
Today has been trying, to say the least.
went and got my forms for the passports notarized, and D was actually hitting me in the guys office.
Got home, made him take a rest, and got a fat lip.
Got up and decided to head to the passport office in Rutland, and left Chance here to take a nap.
D actually required a time out while there for hitting me and head-butting me.
An hour later I walk out with the knowledge that I can't file fore my passport there cause they can't proccess the Notarized form that I've brought. I've been instructed to go directly to Vancouver, to get there as early as possible cause it's a minimum 3 hour wait no matter how early you are.
Lucky me.
So now I need to figure out when I can go, cause I'll get it in 10 business days if I go directly there, but 3 hours with both kids & husband? I don't think so. It would be so nice if they had a fucking number that I can call for more information...but that's just asking for too fucking much.
I needed diapers, and went to Wal Mart where I had to literally drag (feet straight out and everything) D through the store yelling at me and head butting me cause I wouldn't let him look at the new DVD Monster House.
I'm home now, and C had to take mom's car to work cause I'm just not up to it.

Just fucking shoot me, at least it would distract me, and save me the trouble of beating my head against a wall.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like there's a lot of stress that's affecting everybody. is there anything i can do?