Saturday, October 07, 2006

Gellatly Nut Farm

For the first Field Trip of the year for the pre-schoolers, they went to the Gellatly Nut Farm. We joined the class at 9:30, and left them at 10:30. It was an enjoyable time, in which D played with his classmates, and tried to burn off the energy that's been pent up. Daddy wasn't able to join us right away cause the washer was being fixed, but he did eventually join us, and D and his friend Jayden (last b-day party he went to) had some fun together...
They had a kissing contest (you can't kiss me, haha!) and swung happily from daddy's arms (as seen here) and collected and exchanged nuts with each other.
Afterwards we went to the Peach Pit for breakfast.
In the middle of the meal, D was eating, and trying to play with his "collection" (apparently that concept, which has been around for a while now, is from pre-school)...Chance proceeds to chastise him loud enough for the table next to us to hear him...

"Darius, quit playing with yer nuts!"

I've never laughed so hard in my life! He turned all sorts of shades, but couldn't figure out why I was laughing so hard until I repeated what he had said (he thought he said something else). Thankfully, the ppl at the table next to us were Harry and his g/f.
Anyhow, it was en enjoyable morning, and later, D and Chance went to Kamloops to pick up Gramma and Ralph.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Chance...he's still so easily embarrassed...sounds like you all had a fun time though!