Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Birthday Musings

For being 25, I sure don't feel it.

I'm a little disappointed that I'm only celebrating with family, and literally have no one else to spend it with, but I guess I'm glad I have people who care about me at all. It could be worse.

Went and got my passport pix done today, and whilst at the mall, decided to hit Chapters and got two new Xanth Piers Anthony books. We also hit the Motherhood Maternity store for a new nursing bra (full support) and a new shirt. I'm getting tired of finding lettuce and other food particles in my bra when I take it off in the eve.

I was so tired today, it really felt like the day blurred by.
D made me and Kim a cake, and he made purple frosting, and put sprinkles on it. :oD It was yummy.

It feels like my head hasn't stopped hurting/pounding for the last week. And my heart keeps doing this stupid flutter thingy that keeps taking my breath away.

Hunter is just too precious.

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Anonymous said...

I called on your birthday, but got no answer all day...then when I got through, Chance said you were already sleeping...Happy belated bday! I'm concerned about the flutter you described, especially since it takes your breath or nurse notice anything when you had Hunter?