Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I'm about as worn out as my poor huband.
Chance's constant double-shifts are wearing on him, and you can see how tired he is all the time.
I gave him a month before he burnt out, but I'm willing to up that to less than 3 weeks. This is week 2...we shall see.
Still haven't seen a paycheque from any of the places he's working at...including Roger. That pisses me off most. 2 jobs done with Roger and no pay?! I have two words for that...fuck him.
I'm gettting ornary in my pregnancy.
Honestly tho, at the wage he's paying Chance, if Chance keeps working with him, by the time Rog does get round to paying him, he's not gonna have enough money to do it in one fell swoop. So, anyways, I told Chance to stop working for him until Roger forks it over.
It amazes me how people can be so ignorant.
I've been listening to the radio all day, every day this week cause they're giving away OLP tickets, and I'm dying to go to that concert. Everyone cross your fingers and hope that I get through on their phone lines at some point in time! I wanna go!
Been doing a lot of sewing lately. I'm glad the bug finally bit...I've been wondering when I'd get the gusto to get creative cause it's been a long time. I've made a ton of D pants, working on shorts, gonna start t-shirts, made costumes for him today. Yesterday I did all of Chance's mending...put a new zipper in his coat, fixed his fav jeans, finished most of his velour jogging suit..all the hard parts anyhow.
My poooooooooor aching back!
Costumes...what are some costume ideas for boys costumes. I'm a girl and am having a hard time getting out of the girly-frame-of-mind. So far, I made him an Alladin outfit, a caveman tunic thingy, and a tu-tu that he likes to use as a hat. Tommorow I'm gonna make spaceman pants, a cape, hoping a loin-cloth. Hmm....I wouldn't mind trying to make a pair of Chaps. I can picture dark brown, stiff fabric (mebbe stuffed?) and a fringe on the side. Hmm.
The problem with boy costumes is that you actually have to make the FULL costume, and not just pieces that can all be put together in different ways.
Am starting to wind down from yesterday. I was so stressed I had to have mom come home and deal with D...I just couldn't cope. My mind switched off.
Chance...just never helps those kind of situations any at all. He has a tendancy to panic...and if not panic, then blow it out of proportion and make the situation worse...I liken it to Kimmie's constant need to whine if the slightest thing goes wrong. They're alike in those regards, they both think it's the end of the world. In any event, he just pushed my buttons and stressed me out more without really meaning to.
Thinking back on D's escapade, I believe I could've handeled it on my own, and maybe it wouldn'tve happened if it had just been me at home...but as it was, jumping out the window (he told me he threw his blankets out there to cushion his landing) and then after being inside for a while and vomiting all over the bed (he mentioned that he put his toy down his throat), and having to change all the sheets and bedding...and having Chance flip out over everything. I couldn't do it.
I know I told Chance not to work with Rog, but god is it ever rough having him at home. Those two are like catalysts for each other. I just am not as tolerant as I used to be.
Everyone has limits.
So...anyways. Thinking back on D, the situation probly would've brought a chuckle out of me, and probly will from now as to hear me describe it, but since it's still so fresh, I'll rest on it for a bit.
I'm off to back hurts...damned top heavy stupid stuff.

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