Saturday, April 15, 2006

Busy Days

Wow, you sure can tell when I do and don't have time by the amount I blog. :oD
Steven arrived Thursday evening, at 11. We showed up to pick him up at 11:30 (eep, sorry bout that one)and we've been busy ever since.
Thursday was a preschool day, and the only day this week that Chance didn't work. So, he took D to preschool, and when it was time to go and pick him up, I went along and we headed into town to do some errands andlunch at my fav bakery. While down there I figured that D would enjoy going to the Library since it was the main branch and all. D and I walked over to the library from the Bakery while Chance did his few errands before meeting us there. For some reason I couldn't find the books that D wanted, so sat and read him a book while Chance looked for and found them.
After that we came home, I got D down for a nap and got stuff ready for dinner (had 4lbs of Ground Beef that needed to be used) and ended up making baked Spaghetti and in the crock pot I made some meatballs (first time for everything). Everything of course was done by the time we got home with Steven.
Friday, well...didn't do a whole lot outta the house. We went to the Grocery Store to do some shopping in the morning, and Steven was nice and bought us lunch from KFC afterwards. Got D into bed where he ended up battling until mom went in and laid down with him later on.
Chance was supposed to work with Roger on Friday, but I guess Roger forgot it was a holiday, and their job site was locked up. So, Chance ended up working with Roger at his house instead. He got the bright idea to have a BBQ with Roger and fam over, and Gineon and his wife. Joy.
So, I got started on dinner round 2 o'clock. Didn't do too bad, managed to have dinner ready by 5:30. We had Steak and Chicken Kabobs, and hot dogs, with a couple of chicken breasts. Then we had a platter of veggies, Potato salad, macaroni salad, and garden salad. Plus we had the meatballs that I had made the eve before. Was pretty good food man. We also had cake for dessert...I needed to use up the last two jars of frosting, one was vanilla and the other was chocolate, and they both had only half a jar...was yummy.
Made breakfast this morning...fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, pancakes, and bacon. Phew. i'm amazed I even have any energy left at all.
It's sunny out right now, but I do recall the forecast including "Sunny breaks" and then the usual dreary grey. Hmm...
Mom went out with Steven for a whle, and D just woek up from a nap. We're gonna shower, get dressed and go out and enjoy the weather. oh boy!
Gramma's in Vernon right now for Convention...probly won't get out to see her since mom hasn't mentioned it. Not with gas prices being 1.12 a litre!!! Out-freaking-rageous!!
Some lady was Hijacked right across the street from us, with her 2 kids in her vehicle, some guy threatened her and made her drive him into Kelowna. Crazy, mom and D were at the Husky across the street yesterday too...thank god they caught him! Too creepy, enough to give me the willies and hold D a bit tighter.

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Anonymous said...

gas here in the states sitting at almost $3/gallon and crazy people who think the world owes them are everywhere! thank goodness everyone was safe!