Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday already!

Here it is, Monday again, the beginning of a new week.
We had a BBQ this weekend, with Chance's friend Gindeon and his daughter over for dinner. Was kinda hectic as I was in charge of everything else, and Chance was in charge of the BBQ.
*picture me rolling my eyes here*
Darius has been getting better, slowly but surely. I've been trying to pass him small snacks here and there throughout the day, and not just doing the 3 meals thing. And I've also been giving him plenty to drink, and of course making him blow his nose.
I cleaned the kitchen this mornin, and did the dishes, am doing some laundry as well. Trying to get the heavy winter blankets cleaned and put away for the spring season. Hopefully I can get at least 2 blanket loads done before Kimmie comes home...but with how i'm movin this mornin could end up having 4 loads done, ya never know.
Read about this on's called Decided Darius and I will do the Operationg Feel Better. :o)
Darius likes making cards...I wonder how many we can make this week?
The easter egg hunt this week was informative, we got a booklet for activities through public recreation centers. Very informative.
Chance went to work with Roger today...oh boy, more income! Tommorow he has an orientation for the B&GC downtown, and D has pre-school and gymnastics. Busy Busy!
Anyways...I'm off to keep myself busy.

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