Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Killing Time

Well it's been a busy week again.
Hmm...Moday I spent doing some cutting and sewing. Made several pairs on pants for D...All of which fit wonderfully in the waist and hips, but are just way too long to consider for him right now, so I'll hafta take them up. :o)
Cut out shorts yesterday.
I let Chance do the bustling yesterday with D. There was Pre-School, then Gymnastics, then had to take Chance to work, and go get mom cause I had another midwife appointment yesterday. Busy busy.
Came home after midwife, and thus began the bedtime battle cause somebody was tired and very mean. *sighs* Poor guy.
Got him to sleep, ate some dinner, and watched some tv...and of course, D woke up just in time to be interruptive of my American Idol hour. :oP
On the bright side he was awake when we had to go get Dad from work, so he was happy about that...and mom was nice and bought us some slushies. Yum!
I'm a slushy addict!

The midwife said the baby is in breech position...and that I am to visualize it turning. I've started having Darius tell the baby to turn upside down...he thinks it's funny. :o) Concentrate on the picture... hasn't been too bad. Less busy.
Played in the sandbox which dad was nice enough to put out for D yesterday finally, played with his tools, watched some Treehouse TV, finished our cards for and started decorating the baby shower invites. We also had a wonderful snack of hard boiled eggs and raw veggies! yum! Darius even ate his breakfast all on his own! oh boy!
I get to start planning my Birth Plan, make up a list of different positions and massage techniques for the labour proccess. *sighs* So many plans to make...hmm, wonder how much time it can kill?

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