Thursday, April 27, 2006


Well, yesterday wasn't too horrible.
Had a nice day with D. Busy though. Had to drive mom to work, then drive Chance to work, and then go back to mom's for lunch, and come home for nap time. Poor li lguy dind't go to sleep till later than usualy for his nap, so mom and Chance both ended up without a chauffer service. D fell asleep just as it was time to pick them up, so mom car-pooled and Chance walked. Thankfully they're not that far apart, his two jobs.
Made dinner, ate, watched American Idol and decided to forgo Language Class because of the uncertanity of a teacher, and chose to go shopping instead.
Went to Value Village where D got spoiled rotten...and I didn't pick out anything, for once. He got a bunch of books and costumes. Decided to buy a couple to add to the collection.
I've decided I'm a huge Robert Munsch fan. I remember always searching out his books when I went to libraries as a kid. I love how creative he is, and the fact that he uses the same illistrator in each of his books. So, every time I see a book of his in a second hand store I make sure I buy it for D so I can share that passion with him.
Went to Wal-Mart after that, and it was sptrictly for baby things. Didn't have much time left tho cause by the time we left VV it was 8 and chance was finished at 9. Anyways, wandered round quickly before deciding to buy a sling and a carrier with the GC that Steven gave to me. Along with breast pads and cream, and a cute brightly coloured sleeper set. Wasn't bad. :o)
D got so spoiled yesterday. Got all the books and costumes at VV, and got a butterfly net, and a bug "Hut" that came with a plastic set of tweezers to hold the bugs and a mangnifying glass that he just loves, plus a tractor.
It's all good's been a while, it feels like.
Am disappointed Kellie got voted off of American Idol lastnight...but she hasn't done a whole lot the last couple of weeks. Taylor hasn't done a whole lot either, well, he had one reminder performance of why he was there to begin with, but not much else. Guess I'm all about Daughtry now. :oP
Wonder what kinda trouble we cna get into today...hmmm.

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