Thursday, April 06, 2006

Time Flies

So Chance's first shift for the Westside Youth Center (aka Westside Boys and Girls Club) starts on Tuesday. Apparently he's got a bunch of reading to do before then. I believe he said he starts with an orientation meeting of some sort, before he hits his shift at the Center itself.
Happy news.
He also applied for a SIN, free of charge. He came in the other morning after telling me he'd let me sleep in, all negative to tell me that he had to order a SIN, and that's it was gonna cost more. I don't think he even bothered to check it out before he woke me up. He applied for his SIN later that day, and it should be here any day now because they put a rush on it, and told him to expect it within 2 days. Anyways...point being that he figured it out, and he can work.
He also had an interview with the westside ARC Program. That's something to do with housing children/teens, kind of like a permanent foster home. That's my understanding of it, though i could be wrong. Anyways, he'd be a relief worker there, and I believe it's daytime, while B&GC would be evenings.
Spring and summer are here and getting closer...which means, out with Basketball, and in with other things. My rule (as stated a while back now) was that Chance wasn't allowed to do any more than the 2 things he was doing a week because they took up 3 nights, of which he could've been easily workin at a McDonalds or something stupid. So, Basketball (which was always Monday/Thursday) and Guys Night (which is always a Wednesday) are getting ready to be re-arranged. Now, my rule was that he couldn't pick anything else up until he oculd pay for both the gas money, and the fees they required, and he had to have a full time job. Last month he officially switched off Basketball for Golf on Sunday mornings/afternoons with his good buddy Dan. I don't mind, it got him out of my hair once a week more than guys night.
Now, with Spring being here, the Softball leagues are starting up. he asked me if he could join a league with his friend Shane again (now, remember two years ago when we were driving to the other side of Kelowna and then some for these games??) and I flat out said no. Fortunately, there was an ad in the newspaper about local leagues here on the Westside, and I said he could join one of those if he wanted. Well, he did. 40 dollars later, and one practice down...we shall see how it goes. Now, Softball comes on Friday evenings and Sunday evenings I believe he said.
My goal is to make sure he doesn't cram his schedual too much, cause then it just puts everyone else under stress because someone always has to be somewhere...and with one vehicle to work between us, it can be tough.
I myself don't mind walking or bussing it whever I need to go, as long as I'm not doing anything too heavy.
Darius started Gymnastics class on Tuesday (was originally last Tuesday, once a week, but he had a dentist appointment) and it seemed to go well. Though D had some trouble following the class, and sticking to the group, I'm not too concerned because they stupidly changed the class from 12pm, to 1pm. Hello?! He still takes naps, and normally he's nap right after pre-school...and this throws a wrench in things. Hopefully he'll adjust quickly. I'm sure he'll learn to fit in with the group and stay on task, but man was he tired that day.
We tried to walk home on Tuesday from his gymnastics class, which is just down at Sensisysten (aka Chance's Gym), and didn't quite make 3/4 of the way in an hour and some. Unfortunately I had some bad stomach cramping. :oP That hindered us quite a bit, and thankfully D was patient with me, and willing to wait while I took two steps and rested. Chance picked us up after 3/4 of the way though, and drove us home. I rested the rest of the day cause I was worn out.
Am better now, just don't think I was capable of doing uphill...but that's all it is from the Gym home, unfortunately.
Anyways, D and I haven't been doing much around the house lately...been so busy with the spring weather outside, that we've kinda forgotten about indoor stuff.
We still walk regularly, and he enjoys the bus rides. I really need a bus pass...cause then I won't hafta worry if I have money for bus far or not. When we have the excess though. ;oD
Since seeing some of the activities that they do at Gymnastics, I'm planning on a making some sort of activity schedual for around the house. Stretches, jumping, hopping, and things that practice co-ordination. :o)
We'll see how that goes.
Anyways...I had better go pick up D from Pre-school, will finishin my updating later. I still gotta talk about our trip to Grammas.

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