Tuesday, March 02, 2010


So...I love my job.
I get to be surrounded by pregnant women and babies.
It just doesn't get any better than that.
I was involved with a program very similar to this one when we lived in Ohio, and I rather enjoyed the visits that I had then. Now, I get to be the one offering support, reccomendations, and referrals. By thend of April I'll be doing my own first assessments, and meeting new clients. While I did feel overwhelmed at the thought of taking on the job this past weekend, now that I'm into it, it's not so bad, and I'm finding that I really do think I can.
It's been beautiful weather here this week. Can't complain at all. Warm enough for me to go without a jacket, and just warmer clothing or a sweater, and i'm good. But then...I AM CANADIAN!
Heading to a pre-natal class this eve to get to know some extra clients that I haven't met yet, and maybe meet a few new prospects.
Did I mention that I love being surrounded by pregnant women?
Am sort of dreading this weekend, but am really trying hard to keep a positiv eoutlook for it. It still seems pretty surreal that we will be living in Clearwater when all is said and done this weekend, and I won't be required to have to work a trip back down to Kelowna into my schedule.
When I do go back, probably Friday, I'll be visiting the Dr about those pesy female problems I've been having, because the therapy she made up for me isn't working, and because all of this long distance driving is really buggering up my shoulder. My fingers keep going numb, and it hurts to lift my left arm. My left hand even looks a bit puffy to me, but then, I have a biased opinion ;o)
Need to make some phone calls before I make the drive back to town. Have to arrange to get services hooked up at the new place.
Life's building blocks seem to be falling into place quite nicely...

2 thoughtful remarks:

Hepburn Hilton said...

I love the last line! I knew things would come toghether for you!

Anonymous said...

aawww... something you love and you get paid for it, BONUS.
Hey, you found a need for homemade baby blankets ;).