Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Biggest Part Is Done

I'm tired.
We all saw that coming, right?
I raced home yesterday, to get here by 1:45 so I could go to D's open house for his last day at this crappy school, and before spring break starts. I woke up late because I stayed up to finish off the DVD's I made, then booked it out the door, and barely made it in time. I feel like I haven't stopped since. Got home afterward, tried to keep the kids quiet, and wasn't too successful. Got something pulled out for dinner, and then took the kids out for one last hurrah before we leave the town. We got home, knocked em out, then I got started on trying to read my homework, and wound up going to the store for a small bit of grocery shopping.
Woke up this morning before the sun rose, and got myself ready fro my jaunt across the border.
Was pleasantly surprised that they let me over, and back, with a full 17ft moving truck. It took a long time to load it as we inventoried and listed everything in the moving truck, from furniture items, to boxes (and #ed them to boot!) so that they wouldn't have any excuse to turn us away.
We got back to the border with full truck, showed them the list, got yarded out, and then got passed through with a verbal slap on the wrist. Arrived home, to explain that it was unbalanced, and in need of re-organized to accommodate what's here still. Going to be leaving to go to our new home tomorrow, as I'm so exhausted I can't eat. I get hungry, then get busy doing stuff to make sure the kids are looked after, and then by the time I'm done and have found a moment to sit, I've lost my appetite.
This is a stressful weekend. For everyone. They're all barely holding it together, and though I know the reason why, it's still a bit difficult to swallow. I'm just trying to keep my head down, and make sure the kids are ok and try and keep my nose out of it.
Am concerned for everyone's health. We're all depleted somehow. MIL is sick, which is always alarming because she has other health issues that really make me worried when I see her under so much stress. My mom is sick, and hasn't been at work for a couple of extra days. H is just getting over his own cold, and D has himself some mild form of an ear infection. Mr has discovered he has a hernia, and can't lift much more than 15lbs. I'm still working on getting over my own cold, which is restricted to mainly an annoying cough.
I really just feel like crying. I feel like everyone is taking a giant shit right on top of my head. This is due to me being hormonal, and incredibly tired. This is also due to the fact that I'm the only one out of all of us, who has ANY idea why everyone works the way they do. So I'm left here explaining everyone's behavior to everyone so they all understand what's going on, and I'm now just feeling really sorry for myself.
My big worries were crossing the border south, then crossing the border back with all of my stuff. My main concerns are now finished, we just need to start exerting ourselves now.
I knew this weekend was going to be hard. I knew it was going to be a challenge. I just need a moment...thank god I have a blog.

2 thoughtful remarks:

Hepburn Hilton said...

I'm sorry you are feeling tired! I hope you will find some time to yourself soon!!

Are you back in the states? Since you mention your mother in law.. At least, you will have your own home soon right? Or maybe I missed something here..

Have a happy Sunday!

Nietha said...

@Carina MIL lives in WA, Amber & family have a new house (or cabin?) in BC, closer to grandparents than parents.

@Amber tough part's behind you, it'll all get easier from here! Hopefully you'll get time soon to enjoy decorating your new house and truly making it yours.