Sunday, February 28, 2010

Go Canada Go!

While I missed the majority of the Canadian Men's Gold hockey game today, I did make it back home in time to watch the overtime portion of it.
I was on edge while I was here, which is a big reason why I didn't get all excited to watch the rest of it. I get really into games this big, but don't enjoy putting too much energy into it, so I thought just catching the end would do me fine.
I brought a fully loaded truck to the new house to drop off, and then headed back to my Gramma's to catch the end of the game.
HECK YEAH! Mr & I were having a friendly rivalry about the game. I told him USA was going down, and that there was NO way that Canada would lose the Gold on home ice. I'm proud to say that I was right.
I've been drinking water like mad, trying to get rid of this darned foolish cough & sniffles I've got. I figure if I haven't peed the stupid thing out by tomorrow morning I'm never going to get rid of it.
My first day at my new job is tomorrow. Had meant to speak to my MIL about boundaries, but I forgot she was headed out of town for a conference. Oh well, I'll catch on.
Made a fab table tonight, should've taken a picture of it. LOL
I'm totally addicted to mobil pictures on my Facebook page.
Have a reading break from my online course this week, good thing too because it's a long ass chapter, and an assignment that isn't all that hard, but still requires thought.

2 thoughtful remarks:

Jack said...

"Heck Yeah!" is right! I shouted many curses at the tv watching that game tonight.

Hope your first day at the new job goes really great Amber :)

Hepburn Hilton said...

i'm glad it's over..norway did ok and that's fun but i'm ready for my shows to come back:) i loved how they poked fun at themselves at the seremony last night;)

good luck on your first day!!!