Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Small Fry in a Big Pond

Well, I'm halfway through my first week, and am finding that I'm really just being kind of dropped into the deep end of the pool, with very minimal training. Though I would feel a whole lot comfortable with more training I know that that won't happen, and that we really are doing it in the best way possible.

I enjoy working with pregnant people, and babies. At least 3 of my co-workers are pregnant, which shows that there will be big changes soon.

Today is a long day for me. Stayed at the office for the majority of the day, doing reading, going over the curriculum which I am to stick to. Afterwards I've been exploring a bit, like the library, and now the loca little Convenience stop that has a nifty little internet kiosk with faster than dial-up access. Not much faster, but it's better than nothing. I know it has free wireless, so I'm wondering, if we get the netbook back from MIL, if we'd be able to hook up outside without that pesky little 45 minute time limit they have inside. We shall see.

Am feeling stressed as this weekend gets closer. Not about moving and change, but about the logistics of it all. Next week is spring break, and the kids won't bein school, but I'll still need to come in to work.
Damn...half of this post was gurgled up by the connection and lost. Sorry it seems so cut short...time's up. *sigh* how back-woodsy

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Ama said...

I know the feeling about the deep end of the pool! You'll do okay and it's such a bonus when you really enjoy what you do! As for next week, Chance will be with the kids while you're working...getting the house set up so you can come home and put your feet up! :)