Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Settled In

i've been busy. I'm definitely suffering from internet withdrawls. While work seems pretty lax about internet usage, I feel uncomfortable using it on a whim to update my FB or even my blog. Slap me on the wrist, I'm doing that now!

I missed out on some training that I was hoping to get this week, as the facilitator wound up being ill and cancelling. Oh well.
Did my first home visit today all on my own, and I felt it went rather well.
Looking forward to getting a phone and internet put in my house by the end of the month. Also looking forward to Mr getting a job, but may be stuck trying to figure out vehicle shuffling, as we only have one now, and there is also the concern of daycare.
I miss my internets, and my internet friends.
It took us a week to unpack the majority of the house, and are left now, with only boxes of decorative items that we haven't decided where to put. We've begun exploring our general area, and have come accross many a Moose track. Mr even seen the neighbors dog chase a big Bull Moose right up our driveway through our yard. I'm looking forward to finding ways to unwind in the new place, as I've been keeping myself moving so much, that I have yet to really do that.
Our landlords have a litter of new puppies, and the couple of times Mr has taken D over there with him to drop stuff off, D has visited with them. He's begun giving me the "Puppy" eyes. He's been telling me how cute they are, as they've not yet opened their eyes fully, and they still root quite a bit. He's been telling me how they suck on your finger, and how soft and sweet they are.
Dunno how we're gonna get out of this one. Froggy died this past week as well, so the pressure is definitely on.
Anyhow, feeling more and more at home in my new office, and getting to know my co-workers more and more. Am really enjoying the atmosphere and the general welcoming feeling I've gotten so far. My in-experience is really being laid to rest as I continue, and the help these people have been offering me is amazing.
I really am starting to like it here. The only thing i don't care for so much is how much food i have to pack for the days when the whole family will be in town, as it requires quite a bit of planning on my part, especially if I'm packing something healthy that travels well.
Hopefully we'll get all the kinks worked out soon enough.

2 thoughtful remarks:

Ama said...

slap slap...glad to hear you're all getting settled in. isn't there childcare where hunter will attend pre-school? ask around. at least you guys can get some good leads while chance waits for his work permit to arrive and until he gets a job...i'll be up the first weekend in april!

Jack said...

I'm glad all the pieces are starting to fit together Amber :)