Thursday, March 04, 2010

DVD's & Salaries

Well, I survived my first week at my new job.
It's an interesting thing to be the new kid on the block, with a different perspective than the ones there can offer.
I went in to the office today, because I'm a salaried 15 hr/wk person who still had 3 hrs left to finish off. So, I popped in, spent some more time familiarizing myself with the office by looking through the filing cabinet, noting where I could make improvements if it doesn't work for me. I then decided to clean up the storage closet that sits next to (what will very soon be) my desk. I stacked, sorted, and re-organized so it all fit into it neatly. I know the person I'm replacing had intentions of doing it herself before she left, but she's pregnant, and who knows how much time she'll have to do things like this before she takes off. Personally, I'd rather her spend her time training me, instead of trying to organize things.
Anyways, did some more reading through the manuals I'll be working from, before deciding to turn on the computer to see what programs were on it. Very very basic stuff. I figured I'm going to start using the MS Calander to help me do my scheduling, because the other P/T-ers at work really don't do that great of a jotting anything down or letting anyone know when they will be there or why. So, I offered to hand in my schedule to the receptionist each week so she'd know where I'd be and how to contact me. I also got to chat a bit with our Accounting person. She handed me my tax papers to fill out, and then a while later they (receptionist & accounting lady) discussed the handling of my new email address. I'm wondering if I'm going to be in charge of doing my own business cards. Should be fun, if I am, I'm getting my own damned carstock!
Am making copies of a DVD I constructed this evning of all of the pictures we have from D's class. I may not care for the staff, but the kids were great, from my perspective. Anyhow, there's an open house at the school tomorrow which I plan on attending, and I'll bring the DVD's with me then to hand off. Only problem being I'm probably about 8 or 9 short. Oh well, not my problem, the fact of the matter is I went through the trouble to make them, they can just deal.
Big weekend.
I dunno if I mentioned in my last post (can't member if it was lost or if it made it), but I found out that my supervisor is pregnant. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be trained enough by then to be able to maybe take it over. As excited as I would be to work the daycare with my ECE certification, I think this position might just pay a bit more. I dunno, it's all floating around my head right now.
I'm also looking into what it takes to start my own LaLecheLeague Group, to provide better breastfeeding support to those mothers in the area who are interested. Also, am looking into what it would take for me to become a Doula. Good money in it, but I'm also interested in it because the mothers who are pregnant here have to drive an hour and a half minimum to reach the nearest hospital that delivers babies, and they get one of five Dr's without a choice of who.
Lot's of prespects and doors opening to me. I just need to pick out which one I'm going to go with, or figure out a way to do them all, cause I'm greedy with knowledge like that.
Anyhow, I'm finally headed back to Kelowna tomorrow. I've been texting with my mom and Mr daily to get updates on how everyone's doing, and they've been phoning me everyday and night to let the kids tell me what they're up to and how much fun they're having. I dunno if it's cause I've never been away this long, but I'm amazed at just how well I can understand H over the phone! When I talk to him I think to myself that there's no way he's only 3! lol
Anyhow, am almost done with these DVD's, gonna try and get some sleep cause yesterday was a mega long day and I'm just ready to collapse.

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Hepburn Hilton said...

Sounds like you settling in nice Let's hope for better management then at the last place