Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Well. I['s been a long week. Work & moving & unpacking makes me 1 tired cookie.
My supervisor has had 2 leave work on mat leave. I had one week of training. I wound up doing my first home visit yesterday w/only a BSW student for company. It felt really awkward. I'm hoping I'll get better with more experience.
I really am missing my internet. Suffering from withdrawls.
Sunday was our 1st night in the new place, and I was there by myself w/the kids, and I had a serious bout of time deprivation. I had no clocks and my cell had been turned off. When I turned it back on 2 check the time I discovered it wouldn't show the time because my house is out of service. Won't be makin that mistake again.
Got a phone call from Immigration today. I'd like 2 say that's a 1st, but I dunno if it is. Neways, they said Mr can get his work permit in a week if we send em proof of his last entry into Canada (ie a stamp on his passport). Problem being they didn't stamp it when we came back last. The scramble is on 2 figure out how...

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