Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thursday Thunks

Hosted by Berleen at Thursday Thunks

1. Have you ever not thought about the possibility of suicide? Yes, many times. I've even attempted it once by overdosing on pills.
2. How many dogs have you owned in your life? What kind? What were their names? I can't recall, but I think two...LOL George & Cappy were both Shepard crosses, I think with sheepdog. If there were any others I shared them with someone and I didn't consider them mine.
3. In one word, what do most people describe you as? Direct
4. Do you watch HouseMD? Why not? I'd love to, it's one of my fav shows, but seeing as my boys don't allow me the luxury of concentrating on an hour long tv show each week, I just catch the odd episode here or there. I'd really like to get the Season DVD's to own sometime.
5. What irritates you most about your neighbors? Nothing actually...they're too quiet? Seriously, other than our neigbor with the really loud truck (which is ok cause I know when he's home and leaving & such) none of our neighbor make a peep. We're the loudest out of all of them.
6. Have you ever called someone in for some sort of abuse or neglect on humans, animals or property? If you count a Hit & Run as neglect of property. I once saw this woman sidswipe a car that was parked next to hers as she was pulling out of a parking stall, look at it, then drive off. Thankfully I had memorized her information, and left a note for the damaged car, who then passed it on to police, who eventually caught her.
7. What color is the sky in your world? Grey today :o(
8. Did you see those 2 planets that everyone is talking about this week? Which ones? They're talking about planets? Wow, I need to get out more often.
9. Would you like to submit your own question for future Thursday Thunks? Possibly.
10. Do you have a skin condition? Are you gonna tell us what it is? I get winter Ecema.
11. Have you ever had an STD? Yes, thankfully it was one that could be cured with a round of pills from the Dr.
12. Do you do any crafts? Lots, I'm actually in the middle of making a tote bag for my sons Teacher for a gift. Aside from that I sew, cross-stitch, bead, make cards, and anything else that passes my children's fancy.
13. Peanut Butter & Jelly - what flavor is the jelly? Raspberry
14. Stripes or polka-dots? Polka dots, they're so much stripes make me look as wide as the Grand Canyon, so I avoid them when possible.
15. What accent drives you crazy? Is it a good crazy or a bad crazy? I hate Ohioan accents. They swllow their "L" and add in and "arsh" (picture Goofy) whenever possible. It's annoying, and it makes them sound less than intelligent. Horrible to say, I know...*sigh* They're good people, they just have an annoying speech impediment.

4 thoughtful remarks:

Berleen said...

It almost sounds like our Minnesotan accent! We don't wash anything, we warsh it! LOL (Luckily I wash things though...)And we do a lot of "see dat oder dere". Its sort of annoying when you think about it.

Anonymous said...

Yep - those Midwest accents are unique! We "warsh our clothes in the zink" and put them on "hang-gers" (be sure to pronounce that "g"!), then drive our cars on highway "Fawrty-Fawr"

ShannonW said...

Such honest answers! Too Cool!

Coffee Slut said...

lol@ #8 .... had no clue about this either!