Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ranting, Fair Warning

"You must have wanted the world to know
Poor little thing
And now, they know"
Stina Nordenstam - Little Star

*start rant*
To touch on my day on Tuesday (was it Tues??) When I went requesting donations from the local businesses...I had posted that I was glad H was there as my moral support otherwise I might not have lasted too long.
This sort of thing usually never occurs to me until after wards, and in this case it was days before what was bothering me finally came to me. I noticed a particularly cold reception at almost all of the places I went into (granted I knew some dealt with corporate for this sort of thing), a lot of the people looked at me like I was from another planet, and nearly every place told me their manager wasn't in at that time, so I ended up leaving letters for them to look over & consider. At one point I actually had someone ask me if H spoke Spanish as they prattled off to chat with him. I told him no, French. Now, can anyone else spot why that would offend me??
Like I said, it took a while, I knew when they asked that I ought to be offended, but didn't know why. I just trusted my instincts and reacted a bit coldly myself. The person speaking, took a look at my skin color and assumed I, and my son, spoke Spanish. This is why I really dislike living here...cause I get confused with a Filipino, or a Southerner, or even Asian for heaven's sake.
Yes, I know it's difficult for people to believe that a Native American could actually still be brown considering how much they've been bred out down here...but it strikes me as so sad that those are the only options for brown skinned people here. I get offended easily when it comes to my skin color, as I should because it's a huge part of who I am, it's one of the first things you could notice about me if you were making assumptions. I'm brown. I hate it when you call me an Indian, that's you term, not mine. How would you like it if I made up a nasty term to call you because you're black, or white, or whatever other color exists out there. Why not try asking the colored person what they prefer to be called, instead of assuming the name you made up for them is ok with them.
*end rant*

"You will believe in me
And I will never be ignored"
Garbage - #1 Crush

Ok, now that I've gotten that off my chest...I do know that I have a tendancy to be sensitive about these sorts of things, and sometimes I do blow things out of proportion (I AM a woman, after all) and I'm wondering if I'm taking the cold reception and adding it to the Spanish thing, and making more out of it than I ought to? In any event, after discussing the subject and my experience with my Mr he kindly offered to take my place on most places, and do the footwork himself. Yes, I love my Mr. Not to say that I'm going to let him just do it all himself, but I appreciate that he even wants to do it, it's not an easy thing to do.

"Been a long time coming only just begun
Doing all the things that makes my heart sing"
Hot Chocolate - You Sexy Thing

"You must have wanted the world to know
Poor little thing
And now, they know"
Stina Nordenstam - Little Star

It's been a busy week, we had the Cub Scouts Christmas thing, then D's Clas party yesterday. Though the entire week I had to make a Santa Suit and elf hats for the Cub Scouts, and figure out a game for the Class Party. At the last minute I decided to make a kid sized Santa Suit, and pull my wreaths down for the Class Party. I literally left my decision of a class game until 10 minutes before I walked out the door...I'm SO disappointed in myself for that. I really dislike being that unprepared, and the stress that goes along with it. In ANY event, I got a picture of each student in the Santa suit, very festive, and I'm quite pleased with the reception.

"Falling on my head like a memory
Falling on my head like a new emotion"
Eurythmics - Here Comes The Rain Again

Ugh, my house is a disaster zone. Unfortunately when I get busy I don't get to keep on top of the cleaning...mainly why I gave up on it for the time being seeing as I'm actually being productive otherwise. I wonder if I explain to my Mr that he's lucky he gets to leave work everyday, and I live in it...if it will make a differenece in his outlook?

"The "inferior sex" has got a new exterior.
We got doctors, lawyers, politicians too"
Eurythmics & Aretha Franklin - Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

2 thoughtful remarks:

My expressions LIVE said...

First of all you look very good in the Christmas far as your rant...I understand...I run into so many ignorant people these days...It drives me nuts....xoxoxox

Janet said...

I can't pretend to understand, since I'm whiter than white but I'm sorry it bothers you so much. I can relate to thinking that I don't get a good vibe from folks cause I'm heavy or didn't graduate from college, etc.

LOVE your picture!!! Adorable :-)