Saturday, December 27, 2008


Oh my glory. I am SO irritated today.
The kids are annoying me, my Mr is making me angry with stupid little things, and I just feel like I've got a horrible case of Cabin Fever.
It's warm, and rainy outside, and this evenings forecast calls for Thunderstorms, which means I'm going to be having two kids suctioned to me because neither of them like the sound of the wind. *sighs*
I've folded all that laundry I mentioned in the last post, but have yet to get it all put away.
All the new toys are upstairs in their room, and the wrapping has been tossed into the recycling bags where they belong, along with the boxes for everything. Seriously, 5 bags of recycling, without the boxes being collapsed and tossed in. Scar y how much waste we go through during the holiday season.
Had some fantastic dreams lastnight...didn't want to wake up, maybe that's why I'm so irritable today.
Hope your days is going better than mine :o)

2 thoughtful remarks:

Kimber said...

I hope the kids calm down and you get some peace and quiet! Forget about the laundry and all that, it will still be there tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I was like that last night! LOL

It passes!