Sunday, December 07, 2008

I Had This Coming

It never fails. The day after is always bearable because it's a necessity with two kids. It's the second day that always jumps out and bites me in the ass.
God I feel like my butt is on fire...or, rather, the muscles are. Yesterday it was my thighs, today it's my butt. I wonder if it's safe to rub A535 on my butt like I did with my thighs and knees. Hmm.
I think I may also be running a fever, my back feels like it's burning and it hurts to touch it, always a sure sign. My stomach is upset, but it's been like that for days...I'm thinking it's due to the extra dairy I've been consuming to aid the medicine I'm on from the dentist.
We've been watching movies and having a calm day, the boys and I. I'm getting ready to have a late lunch, and relax a bit before addressing my envelopes and possibly folding my Christmas cards in preparation to make them. The phone has rung once all day today. *sniff sniff* Just some silly 1-800 number. *sigh* I could call my gramma to kill some time, but I just don't feel up to sitting at the computer so long (we have Skype for our L/D).
I finished hanging the ceiling borders upstairs, now I have one small section to finish downstairs and it's done...I can freely stuff it away in some box downstairs along with the paint and various implements that are clogging up my only coat closet. Yay!
I need to skip up and buy the boys' big gifts from the north, and possibly a few small ones for D for his X-mas party with the Scouts.
I actually am uncertain if I'll be attending any parties this year. Mr. has one for work but hasn't really mentioned anything about us going, or made any arrangements for childcare, so I'm under the assumption that we're not attending. I don't know if I'll make it to the Scout one as it all depends on H's temperament that day. How sad. I will, however, volunteer for the class party at school, and make myself a fancy red skirt to wear to...looking forward to that.
I hope your weekend has been productive, or relaxing...I know it's difficult for those two to go hand in hand.

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Anonymous said...

Take the Wall-E off the wish list...I already picked it up!