Monday, December 01, 2008

Give Me Five Monday #43

Hosted by BeccA over @ BeccA's Buzz
This weeks Topic:
Give me five items you purchased on Black Friday or over this past weekend for the upcoming Holiday season.

Yes, I did go out shopping, but I didn't technically start on Friday, it just kind of carried through. As my last post states, I headed out to the evening shopping that carried on into the wee hours of the morn and went from there.
ANYhow, I ended up doing the shopping for me, and for the boys, and left it at that.

1. Thomas Play Tent - Bought this for H, thought it was on sale, when it actually wasn't. Oh well. I know he'll love it, and it just adds to our collection of tents and tunnels that we bought last year and thoroughly enjoy as a family.

2. A Beautiful White Wool Coat. Yes, the coat of my dreams, and I've only worn it once so far. I can't decide whether or not I'll reserve it for special occasions or a daily thing. My newest prize possession, though we'll see how long that'll last with two young boys on my heels.

3. Bakugan Figures. D requested a few since there's a sweeping trend of them at his school...even though he doesn't watch the show or know what side they're on. I figure it can't hurt too much as long as I outline that there is to be no trading...ever.

4. Paper Plates. Not the most environmentally friendly, I know...but at least they're bio-degradeable! I always worry that only having a set or 8 dishes that I'll run out (it's happened before) while having guests over during the holiday season, so I decided to assauge that by backing myself up.

5. Funky Garland from the Dollar Tree that happens to look perfect with our tree this year.

5 thoughtful remarks:

BeccA's Buzz said...

Yes, that's a fantastic coat! I like your garland too...great GM5!

Anonymous said...

Love the coat. I love the dollar tree. Have a great week.

Jaynie said...

I'm adding to the coat lovefest - very nice

Billy Rhythm said...

1) You should DEFINITELY wear the coat all the time!You bought it to wear, so wear it!

2) Nice Thomas tunnel. My boy Matt is a HUGE Thomas fan.

3) Thanks for all the recent comments on my blog. I've added a link to you on my blogroll. Hope that's ok!

Anonymous said...

I love the pic of the white coat. I'd wear it at least once a week, on Sundays! The garland is cute.
Thanks for commenting on my blog.