Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Party Recap

My stomach was sore yesterday, in recovery from Sunday's party. I wasn't sick or anything, but I had spent the majority of my Sunday eve laughing really hard at everyone's antics that I had a sore tummy on Monday.
We had a fantastic time, and our party went well. The house was clean and it looked beautiful. I didn't make too much food, and had just the right amount in the end cause we didn't have any leftovers and no one complained about being hungry. We're now aiming to have New Year's here as well, and my MIL has graciously agreed to take the kids overnight for us.

The boys didn't stay up too late, and were decently rested for Monday, which was a bonus. We ended up with about 6 guests...though we did have 3 extra who popped in for a bit and left early cause it was a school-night. I ended up booting everyone out around 3am (in fairness it began around 9pm), and not getting into bed until about 4am.
I rolled outta bed bright and early with D on Monday morning, got him off to school, did my morning blog post, and went back to bed where I slept until 12:30. Stayed up for the day, but went to bed early and caught up on my Z's.
The jello shots were a big hit with everyone, but I think the next time I make them I'm going to make them a bit stronger as they got polished off and no one really had any telltale effects from them.
We had a few really happy people by the end of the night, and one actually ended up calling off from work the next morning as he had too much fun (thank goodness he had a DD). For the most part though I'm very happy to report that everyone had fun, laughing and joking the night away, and all are looking forward to New Years.
So, all my hard work was not lost on anyone, I had many grateful people for a clean house, and yummy snacks. It makes me feel good to know that people actually notice the small things that I do.
Anyhow, got a very busy week...Tomorrow I don't have anything scheduled, but I'll be sewing up a storm as I need to make the Santa suit and elf hats for the Cub Scout Party on Thursday night, as well as finish my holiday outfit for Friday, and find a game for the class to play. Saturday and Sunday will be spent sewing the gifts for those family members we'll be visiting on Monday. I also picked up some chair covers from the teacher this morning, and I'll fix those over the holidays. Busy busy busy.
Anyhow, it's what makes the holidays so special, and it makes me feel less homesick to know I'm in such high demand here.

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