Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Yuck. We all went to bed early lastnight, like about 6:30. We all slept, but I recall Chance crawling out of bed round 10:30, and I didn't get up until midnight. When I got up, I came out with Hunter adn tried to watch Chance play video games for a bit, but realized that the game perspective was making me sick. I ended up almost barfing anywhere's, but managed just to suffer through stuff and falling asleep. When I woke up this morning it wasn't too bad, so I ate a big breakfast and got on with the morning getting the brood ready for the day. After Chance drove D to school I slowly went downhill, I felt yucky naseaus, and friggin freezing. I spent the morning curled under a blanket, and drinking broth from a up. I had some soup for lunch, which went down not too bad. Afterwards I felt much warmer, but not much I fed H his lunch them put him down for a nap. We slept for 2 and a half hours. Afterwards I felt much much better but I find the naseau is trying to come back again. How odd that I feel so yucky without any real symptoms of sickness.
I made D a ninja costume yesterday, and am trying to make a list of Halloween activities and events to go to, because they don't do trick or treating on Halloween here (which is retarded to say the least) and I have no clue when the local towns are doing theirs. So, hopefully everything we do will be enough to go in place of trick-or-treating.
Today I cut out H's Pencil costume, and should be able to put it together this evening.
I feel yucky.
D apparently got into trouble at school today for cutting his hair, and that of a classmates. Had to give a stern talking to about behaviour and such. Never a dull moment.

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