Saturday, October 27, 2007

So, today I finished off both boys' costumes, and we were on our way to a local craft store that was doing in-store trick-or-treating for the kids. We got them dressed up, and headed in, while oohhhing and ahhing at the rest of the costumes we passed by. They had little bags for the boys to decorate with stickers, and then they could go and trick-or-treat in the store. They were so cute...I love D with his helpfulness with Hunter, and Hunter was THE cutest #2 Pencil in the entire world.
Trick-or-Treating isn't until Nov. 2nd from 6-7:30 here. I know, it's odd they don't do it on the actualy day of Halloween...I don't get why not, and no one I know seems to know either. Lame. At least they'll get to go here in the local town.
Uploaded the pictures to Flickr.

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