Monday, October 15, 2007

I've officially been here in Ohio for one week now. Kinda sad.
Everyone keeps asking me if I like it here, and if I ever plan on going back home. Duh. It's tough not to answer that sarcastically, and though I try to avoid sounding bitter I doubt I'm coming off much better.
I've been trying to organize what's in the room, so everything that we need is within reach, and still have the place look relatively tidy.
We haven't done anything overly important, but we've still been really busy. We've gona visiting, and shopping, and yesterday we had a BBQ here at the house.
Went to a local pumpkin patch on Saturday to pick out some pumpkins, and walked away with 7! (at 1.50 each) At that rate I'd love to go back and get more to make pumpkin statues or something. We shall see though. They had hayrides available, as well as a petting/feding area (about 6 animals), face painting, a playground (advertisement for the Amish who make them), a concession or three, a straw maze, and a couple of sheds (more advertising) that had ppl selling stuff in them. Was fun for a couple of hours with the family.
I'm almost beginning to get cabin fever, but not quite. It's more that I have yet to leave the house un-escorted. I know it's not intentional, but it feels like it is.
Course, I could be hormonal too.
Lastnight was the first night I was up late instead of Chance. I was doing laundry and figured I hsould stay up until it was finished, so I watched a couple of movies while I waited. By then middle of the second movie though the house reeked like septic. It was yucky, and I almost couldn't sleep. I was very tempted to crack a window, but I didn't. When i woke up the smell was gone, so Don fixed the problem while I slept, which was nice.
We're sposed to go do more shopping today, am hoping to get some pants for the kids (I sorted through b4 we left and now I can't find pants for either boy) and maybe a new winter coat (I'm tired of mine after only 4 years) or a new pair of shoes.
I dunno what the day will bring, but hopefully some good news.
I so hope we're in our own place for Halloween so I can decorate as much as D wants to, and so he's not so confused about where his home is.
They don't do trick-or-treating on the same day as Halloween here, which i think is stupid, so we'll hafta figure out when the nearest towns are doing their so I know when to have D's costume made by. He still wants to be a skeleton.
We had a full bed lastnight, the four of us, plus one big black cat.
I visited my friend Jill, and though I had a nice time while I was there, I can really see myself spending a whole lot of time with her in the future. She just holds a whole different set of beliefs that she runs by than I do, and I find it very difficult not to pass judgement on her.
I guess i hsould continue with my day, I need to do some schoolwork with D, and take a shower.
I'll post the pictures I have from everything so far sometime...not sure when.

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