Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm tired, Ikeep finding more and more often these days.
It's difficult not to lose my temper with my husband. I wish that I could beat him over the head sometimes because he's so block-headed I know it wouldn't do much good ( but it'd sure help my mood improve).
I can see old habits resurfacing, and though I am loath to bring them about in conversations I find myself pointing them out again and again...just as I said it would be.
I hate it when I'm right.
I'm crossing my fingers in the hopes that things will go more smoothly in the future.
We went to the school today to register D for Kindergarten (the one that Don works at of course) only to find their class size limit is 22, and because hey can't turn anyone in their county away, they're already over that limit by 2, not including D. Needless to say I have a serious problem with this. Call me spoiled but I just don't think it's beneficial for my son to get tossed in with 23 other kids, and only one teacher (plus 1 teacher's Aide) and expect him to come out learning something from it. I've seen what happens when he doesn't get a whole lot of attention when he's trying to learn something, and it's never had a good outcome. (gymnastics, swimming)
I'm not saying that they aren't capable of teaching or handling my son, but I'm just not comfortable with that kind of ratio.
I managed a bit of thrift shopping today and found a couple of shirts, but nothing more of interest.
I'm frustrated, seems like I'll not have a shortcoming of that emotion for a while now. As has been so conveniently pointed out a few times "I have no control" over anything.
I've signed my life over, and now I just hafta suck up the goddamned consequences.
I hate myself.

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You're in Ohio?! Wow.