Monday, October 22, 2007

Birthdays and Weekends

D has started school today, and he has a class size of 21 with a male teacher (who also happens to be the football coach). He seems nice, but I think the classroom size itself is a little small. He was happy to be going back to school, so that's a plus at least.
I'm sad to say that I bought him a skeleton costume as well as a trick or treat bag from Wal Mart sucks, and it's cheap, and I'm disappointed. 'm still going to see what I can whip up before the end of the week (D's school party). I'm planning on making Hunter into a Pencil, and still making D his Ninja outfit (cause they don't trick or treat on the actual 31st here he could still wear both if he wanted to).
My birthday came and went with some rough patches, but still fairly pleasant. We went out for pizza, and I got a matching necklace and ear-rings set, plus a $200 gift for a Spa close by. I won't be able to collect on it right away, but that's ok because it still gives me time to figure out which services I'd like to collect on. The boys made me a nice spice cake with some wonderful decorations (and as luck would have it the school required a couple of frosting cans for supplies).
Hunter has adjusted quite nicely here, and has turned Don into his new Kimmie. Don lifts him to the fans, and lets him play on the computer with him, as well as walking him around the house.
I'm glad he's adapted so well, but it's still real disappointing to see my children move on so well while I get left behind.
We're supposed to get our place this Friday (if all goes well). They chraging us First month, Last month, plus a deposit to move in, and even when that's done, rent is due on the First again. Thank goodness rent is only 580 or we'd never be able to move in. We've paid at least one month ourselves, but still need to pay the other stuff, so, MONEY SUCKER!
We'll be pretty much set for furniture (at least the stuff we'll need right away) but don't have any kitchen ware of any sort. So, I'm hoping to hit thrift stores to afford that stuff right away. Later on down the road we should be able to afford brand new stuff, but not right now.
I'm looking foreward to being a parent helper with the school, the teacher looked quite overwhelmed (I think he must be new to teaching), but very grateful when I offered to do some class stuff for him as he's only got one parent volunteering in the classroom right now.
It occurred to me that I should take some courses in Teaching, but the only reason why I volunteer so much is because the boys will be in school and I want them to remember me as always being there to help.
In any event, it was a decent weekend, and things have settled down somewhat to a much more bearable level.
I'm 26 now...scary. I never was able to picture myself as an adult...I wonder if this is how everyone looks at themselves?

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