Monday, October 29, 2007

I have gained at least 5 pounds since being here...I'm turning into an eating machine. So much for escaping depression. I've turned myself into a piglet. It's silly and I hope to be rid of that silly habit once we end up in our new house.
Went and got some essentials today, which really only leaves some glasses and pots and pans that I need to worry about for the time being.
Hopefully I'll have everything else that I'm thinking I have in boxes, I'm just not sure anymore.
Hafta get D signed up for school bussing.
Went to the local thrift store here today and got a few things. I'm kind of disappointed that the second hand stores around here aren't as nice as ours back home.
I've got a bunch of stuff lined up for where to volunteer and participate and such, hopefully I can continue to do that once we get our own place...who knows how long it'll last.
I'm worried about what's going to happen once Chance gets a job...then it's pretty much going to leave me without a vehicle, unless I drive him to work (which I'm assuming wouldn't be as gas-saving as it was in BC) and pick him up as well.
I'm sad, and I'm getting fat again, and I guess I'm just unsatisfied. I hate being right, but that is what I am. I knew what was going to happen once we got here and I really should have gone with my better judgement and said no, and stayed in BC until Chance got himself all lined up. Every plan he's made has fallen through, even the bit about me working.
I guess a few phone calls could've sorted that out though. I'm stupid.
Who knows when I'll be able to start working. It's based right now, on when the government gets back to the immigration attourney that they've hired. God only knows.
If I could work right now I would've weaned and gotten to it...but it's easier said than done.
I hate being shut out, and I hate being turned into the thing I see in the mirror.

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