Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Holy toledo. If I could catch a break, now would be the time.
I seriously am getting quite fed up with this whole tooth business.
I went out lastnight with Chance's co-worker Sonja, and had a nice time, and was also back before 10m (I had left my place at 8:15) So when i got back I talked with Elsie a bit since she was watching Hunter while Chance went to the gym. Then I decided to pop in a movie, and about a quarter of the way through it I decided to go to bed. Took Hunter to bed, and fell asleep by around 11:30. I woke up at 2:30 in severe pain and writhed in bed until 3. I got up and took some tylenol which did nothing for me, then I took some ibuprofen which abated it a bit, but still didn't do much. So, I writhed on the couch, paced the living room and dining room for the majority of the time. By 4am Hunter had woken up, and I brought him out to the couch as having my head elevated felt better than lying flat, and by 4:30 I had fallen asleep with him on the couch. It wasn't without effort though. So, I dreampt of going on a long hike, but my jaw still hurt. How totally and utterly stupid.
Woke up and showered, and when I got out, all the boys were awake. Got dressed and made a quick (and expensive) run to the grocery store and made it back in time to unload and put away the groceries, and dash back out to the car to head back to the dentists office. Thank goodness they're so close or my boys wouldn'tve had anything for breakfast. :o)
So, like I said before, they did the x-ray and told me they couldn't do any work on it. Apparently the root is growing right alongside or right on the nerve that runs through my jaw. If it gets hit during extraction, I will be left without feeling in my lower right lip forever. Comforting.
So, he reffered me to a specialist who'll do it, but I have no idea what cost (I'm expecting in the 500 area due to sedation) or what kind of timeframe I'm looking at yet, which really sucks.
In the x-ray (we were both puzzled by this) it showed my tooth as coming in at about a 45 degree angle pointing upwards, and that's giving me ages of trouble. I don't understand it because all my other wisdoms have broken the gums, but my left one is literally growing in facing completely foreward, which is what we both thought would be giving me trouble, but it's not.
Fuckers took me for 91 bux today. Bastards...all of them. Stupid medical community.
I'm am I supposed to pay our bills, rent, and pay for my tooth? I barely make any payments as it is. I need to take our family to one of those debt ppl you see on TV. The ones who corral your family into cash consioucness.

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Anonymous said...

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