Wednesday, January 24, 2007


That so totally sucked. No word of a lie that was one of the worst experiences I've ever had in my life. Should I decide to pull the other two at the same time in the future, I'm definitely going to be put under.
I'm upset that I got myself so worked up, but I was concerned about the fact that I was lead to believe that if they should damage the nerve in any way that I'd be without feeling in my right jaw for life, which was misleading. I certainly couldn't have that during my audition.
As it was, I got next to no sleep last night for fear of waking up in severe pain that would be intolerable. I slept on the couch, with the light on, and right next to both my pills and a glass of water.
I took a morning nap with Hunter this morning, that couldn't have been more than an hour long, then proceeded to get ready. I cooked breakfast/lunch but didn't eat hardly any of it cause it just sat like a lead weight in my tummy. I packed the boys' bags cause they were going to my Great aunt/uncle's for the afternoon, and then I got myself ready.
It was tough, I had a hard time keeping myself from visibly shaking.
All in all, I was in and out in 45 minutes (about 30 longer than my last wisdom tooth) and it was a terrible experience. not because it hurt, but because I had to be awake to listen to him breaking my tooth, drilling it, cutting my gum open, and then sewing it shut again.
That was very traumatic for me. I cried with relief when i got outta there.
I'm glad it's over and done with, but my jaw is still pretty tender because of the work done.
I'm starving now, and am drooling over regular food, but am sticking with the liquids only diet, cause I'd really really hate to get dry socket, both because it would mean more pain (which my tolerance level has just about had enough of) and because it would cost more money to take care of.
Thank goodness for Roger and Cathy. Well, Cathy and her girls kept me company while I tried my best not to think about what had just happened. The boys played contentedly and I really just kind of faded into the shadows, before Cathy sent me to lie down cause I was starting to feel drowsy.
Mom picked me up after work, and we came home to scrounging stuff up for a stew/soup that I could steal the broth from. I'm sooooo hungry, and I'm angry at myself for not eating, but what can ya do.

I swear to god I had better not have to go through anything else this painful this year. So far I've done one painful thing per birth, having teeth removed, surviving migraines and tension

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What a scary experience for you. I hope you don't have to go through anything like that again.

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