Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Yup, you guessed it.
The pain came back today. Worse than before, and so bad that the pain killers I took for it, didn't take it away.
I get 20 minute reprieves where I don't hurt, then 20 minutes of severe pain that brings me to tears and leaves me useless and writhing on the couch.
Since I so stupidly canceled my appointment to have it removed, this is my penance.
Thankfully, there's another specialist in town that had a cancellation for 1pm tomorrow that I can go to. They quoted me 475 to remove it, but hopefully that'll go down when they actually see the x-rays.
I'm hoping, cause we haven't paid anything with regards to our finances.
It's funny, every time we really screw our finances up, is when we have an emergency that requires what little amount of money that we have left.
We just never learn.
I sincerely hope that I haven't scarred my children for life, seeing as poor D witnessed my breakdown from the pain, and tried his best to comfort me. I couldn't do anything but shoo him to his room to watch a movie or play game-cube so he didn't have to see me crying without any way to help me.

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Anonymous said...

Sure wish I could help out, especially with the kids...