Saturday, January 06, 2007

Well, it's truly silly. I'm even dreaming of my jaw hurting. I dreampt the last two nights that my jaw was aching, so apparently I cna't even sleep it off. Made me mad.
Mom and D walked to Petro today, and when I picked them up we carried oninto town where we hit a couple of thrift stores, and then exchanged my DVD player (it was skipping all the dvds)
It was pretty icy out today. it snowed blizzard-like lastnight, and then today was clear and sunny. took me forever to scrape my car off, but at least my doors weren't frozen shut as they have been on the colder nights.
We're having a mini turkey dinner tonight. Stuffed Turkey breast, stuffing, carrots, mashed potatoes, and Cranberry sauce.
Hunter has learned a new trick in his Jolly Jumper. He gets off a few real good bounces, and then lets his legs rest by drawing them up and together to just let the spring do his bouncing for him. It's pretty cute.
Uploaded a pic of Pinky to Flickr.

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