Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I'm tired...trying to get back into my morning schedual.
Drug my behind out of the couch this morning...LOL. I was watching movies late lastnight and crashed out on the couch.
Watched Chance do his annual Polar Bear Dip.
It was interesting. Waited for Hunter to wake up from his nap, got the boys dressed and hauled out the door in a rush to make sure we got there on time. It was so windy and so cold it was rediculous. I made D wear his snowsuit and the rest of his iwnter gear, then wrapped him in a blanket. I had a blanket around Hunter, who promptly fell asleep again, and I even had a blanket around myself. My face was real cold though.
Was only there for about 15 minutes, but it was interesting.
Made for some fun pictures in any event. :oD
Afterwards we visited the Dollar store, where I bought some trinkets.
Came back here, and just didn't bother leaving again.
I'm avoiding all the work at home, see.
On the brightside on the quick trips home I've been cleaning and organizing, so it's not so bad. At least I got my living all vacuumed out, upholstry and carpet, and it's been organized. Even got my tree and stuff down, and waiting to go to storage.
Boy, my typing is pretty bad this morning.
Got an immense list of things to do at home, so I'll be spending the night at home I suppose.
Gotta send out a package to pokie today, she forgot a thingy for her game systems. :o)
On with the day I suppose.

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