Monday, June 22, 2009

This Is: Something i Own From Another Country

Man, this week's This Is theme threw me for a curve. It took me all evening to figure out something that I could use, what a brain bender!
I could technically use something I got from the USA, since I'm from Canada, but that's just too easy! So, I thought and thought, before I finally came up with these:

Did you spot them?? They are wooden German decorative plates that my In-Laws bought while living in Germany during my Mr's infancy and young childhood. They bought them years ago, and have passed them along to us.Sorry I don't have a close up of them,they are currently packed away, awaiting their trip up to Canada and these were the best two shots i had of them in my Flickr pool.
Can't wait to see what everyone else came up with!

5 thoughtful remarks:

Chris H said...

Hi there chick, thanks for visiting my blog.. sorry you didn't win Coffee Sluts' competition! I was thrilled to win, it's only the 2nd thing I have ever won in my life. AND I don't even know what I won! too funy! Hey my 2 cents worth in relation to potty training: once you start you shouldn't EVER go backwards, or you will undo all the progress you have made. I have raised (still am!) 8 kids... so know a WEE BIT about it! lol

Hepburn Hilton said...

Those are great pictures, that is a really beautiful faily photo of you guys. How nice of you in laws to gie thoose to you, how fun to own something that had a life before it came to your home!

Janet said...

I love things that are passed down, you're lucky to have them :-)

Osbasso said...

Wow. I'd have to do some real thinking to come up with something... I could do Hawaiian, but I don't think that would count... ;-)

the girl in stiletto said...

awww so nice of you ILs to pass those treasure to you :) it's ok amber, that you're not able to take close up photos of the ornament. in my opinion, the photo of the ornament as a background to your family photo is just perfect :)