Monday, June 15, 2009

Are You Sure He's Potty Trained?

I feel like I'm missing a part of myself. I didn't blog this weekend!
Seriously though...I did keep up on my reading at least.
I spent my weekend sewing. Actually, I've been sewing since Thursday. I've done all the mending, finished off a few older projects, and spent Friday AND Saturday mulling over something for a new outfit to wear out to dinner with Mr Saturday eve. It turned out that it wasn't necessary to worry so much about what I wore, so it was all for naught, but I did get a great top out of the deal. Pictures will follow, Mr just happens to have the camera today at Day Camp w/Cub Scouts. Am working on a dress, which I have set to the side, for times when I have enough brain cells to figure out the math of what I'm doing. I printed off the instruction sheet & pattern diagrams, but not the pattern pieces themselves. All I need to do now is work out the math for my size (the pieces didn't have my size anyways, so it wasn't worth the paper to print it out), and get to cutting. I'm slowly working on the chair pockets I said I'd make for the teacher. It's nice to have my sewing machine out, and know that I don't have a deadline on what I'm making.

H has been giving us all a bit of fuss. He's refusing to use the potty. He knows what the toilet is, what it's for, what he needs to do with himself, and the I've gotta go feeling...but he's ignoring it. Remember when I said he was having a bit of a slip back? I thought after a few days it would go back to normal, but it hasn't. He's wetting himself more often than he was while I was training him. MIL believes he needs to go see a Dr because something is wrong, or that he's just not ready for potty training. I am unsure if more persistence is needed, or if the Dr would be able to help me, or maybe some research to see what others have come up with.
I've been doing laundry daily to keep up with the mess of dirty training pants/undies (yes I unpacked the ones I saved from when D was little cause we were going through too many in a day where he'd end up running around without bottoms on at all) and bottoms, along with the sheets and bedding that needs to be changed frequently. Unfortunately, since I don't want to include my own bedding in there, I've been sleeping in his bed with him. His bed is really, put my hip to sleep because I'm laying on a crossbar uncomfortable. I ache horribly when I wake up, and our hours of sleep have gotten all messed up.
Research, re-sleep-train, and re-potty-train.

I've been trying to work on worksheets that the teacher sent home for Summer Vacation work to keep their brains in top shape. It took me 45 minutes to complete one whole sheet of work with D yesterday. Excruciating. I'm determined though. I want him to be sharp and on the ball, and I want his reading to stay in top form as well. That took us about 25 minutes when I got him to read a page with me yesterday as well. I don't know what the fuck they told him summer vacation was going to be like, but he's sure angry that I'm "making" him do this stuff with me.
That's another rant. Each and every time I ask him to do something that's related to work, he goes on and on about how I'm ruining his summer vacation, and how it's the worst one ever. I don't let him play video games all day (anymore...Ok Ok, I admit I let him do it while we were moving, but that's an exception), or watch TV all day, or not do anything except make a mess and annoy the piss outta me. According to him I'm a horrible parent. I'm simply being responsible, and making a sorry attempt at being consistent with not melting his brain, and teaching him some responsibility.
I know, it's the end of the world that my 7 year-old has to make his own bed, put his dirty laundry in the basket, re-hang the hand towel after he's used it, put his toys away when he's finished, and put his dishes out on the counter when he's finished with them. It's even worse when I limit his game time, tv times, movie time (cause you know he doesn't count them all as One consecutive TV time), and them ask him not to thump & jump, scream & whoop, hoot & holler, and chase his brother at breakneck speeds around the house.
What? You say this is normal for school-aged children on summer vacation? Great, now I just need a plan to survive 12 more years of this and we'll all be good.
I know, I know. Suck it up and do what needs to be done to move us out of this funk.
I am officially a recluse. I can't drive, I live in the country at least 5 miles (that's a long walk just to go to a store or some crap) from the nearest town, and I don't know anyone who lives nearby. I'm now too afraid to go outside because I don't want to have an allergy attack that'll leave me useless in bed from an allergy med overdose. I don't really have friends, and the lame ones I do have can't drive, or won't drive their hunks of junk cars out here to visit. I have a TV, my sewing machine, and my unmentionables to keep me company. Thank god you ppl blog or I'd be bored out of my wits.
I had forgotten how much more work keeping a decent relationship with my Mr was when you live in a house with anothe couple. I don't get that alone time, chat time, wind-down time, or even the time to laugh because that privacy that we had in our own home is now including another few sets of ears. It's not always a bad thing, but it can make it difficult when I want to express my feelings in their crudest forms, beat my children (kidding kidding), or have really loud nookie. Yes, that is a TMI item right there, really loud nookie can be very enjoyable.
Looking forward to having a small birthday party for H soon. Still feel like there's an immense amount of crap to go through before we move, but that's ok. I'm fine with taking out some time right now to relax and go at a slower pace.
Speaking of which, the Pepsi I had with lunch is kicking in, so I'm gonna go back to those chair pockets.

4 thoughtful remarks:

Janet said...

hang in there!

Nietha said...

does your Pepsi down there have Rock Band downloads? cause ours up here don't =(

with everything being in upheaval it's no wonder the kids are acting up, just gotta tough through it another couple months till you guys settle down again

My expressions LIVE said...

It must be tough..make a date night..just you and the MR...xoxoxoxo thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

Well first I hope H gets his groove back and starts loving the potty!

Second in my opinion your parenting is absolutely perfect! My 5 year old does all those things too plus its his responsibility to clean the kids bathroom, granted his momma does the heavy cleanng in there but the picking up straightening etc he is responsible for. I also have a 10 yr old and she doesn't even balk at her chores now and actually tried to help explain to the 5 yr old how much better it will be if he just does it and doesn't have to get scolded for not doing what he should! So they all grow out of it if you are cnsistant in enforcing it.

lastly loud nookie is good!! well all nookie is good, loud nookie is gooder!

lol@ unmentionables!