Saturday, June 06, 2009

It's Mr's Birthday!

It's Mr's Birthday today (Happy Birthday Mr). Haven't got anything special planned, been too busy.
There's a free Kids Carnival this afternoon in town, so we'll be hitting that up before heading to some old friends' place to help celebrate their sons' birthday (which was Wed.).
Spent yesterday pulling stuff out of the garage, trying to re-pack, pare down, and set aside for FIL. Though I feel like I made some headway (I emptied about 8 boxes), I still don't feel like it's enough. The pile for FIL is getting ever larger. I'm thinkin that whatever we decide not to take with us is getting donated to his cause.
I paid for being outside on a breezy day for so long. Though my eyes were spared from itching, but I nearly sneezed my voice away. My vocal chords were swollen, and it hurt to talk. I ran through a box of kleenex blowing my nose, and I was wheezing from congestion by the time I got inside. During the night I kept waking up because I had to blow my nose, or rub my eyes to get the goop off. Why, when my allergy medicine worked so well before, does it not work now?? It'll be time to switch brands I believe.
Unfortunately, H was up with me most of the night, so you can imagine how much fun he'll be to be around today.
I've given some thought to me going back to school, and what I might want to take. It was really a tough decision. Given my creative abilities, I knew whatever I was going to take was going to be Art based. I decided on something in Visual Arts, Photography, and whatever else in that arena I can get my hands on. Seems like a natural choice, now that I've settled on it. Now, when I get back to BC, I'll be concentrating on where I can get my scholarships & grants from, and finding a College that I like. The Okanagan offers so many choices, and I'll need to learn the ropes before I can make an informed decision on which one is right for me.
Moving has caused a backslide for H. We've regressed in our potty training, and it's requiring us to be more vigilant to get him on the pot to avoid accidents, which were at an all-time high two days ago when he ran out of training undies cause they were all in the wash.
I've been busy around the house. Seems just as I catch up on laundry, someone spills something, or has an accident which requires me to change clothing, bedding and blankets, and towels galore, then I start all over again.
I've gotten the hang of dishes here. Load dishwasher in the morning, and get those hand washables done before breakfast, then begin the day, and usually after lunch I run dishwasher & put everything away.
I still have yet to master our meals. Though I've been cooking healthfully, I should be more prepared than I am. I've been leaving our planning until the last minute.
Been keeping busy, in any event. Planning, and trying to get things accomplished to we can get outta here free & clear. Getting the ball rolling back in BC to hopefully smooth the transition.
Been pondering. My family is like a swarm of locusts. We land, consume, and then leave, with a path of destruction in our wake. It's really rather embaressing. But it's a family with 3 boys, what can ya do?

4 thoughtful remarks:

Jodi said...

Hi Amber! Sorry I've been a stranger. I fell into a "blog-ditch" and I finally got out of it. I have some serious catching up to do with everyone!

I had the same problem with allergy medicine. I had to switch mine twice in the last 10yrs because my body became immuned to it.

Congrats on deciding to take photography classes. I know you love to take pictures so it will be great for you to do that.!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Over all it sounds like everythings going well. Don't worry about the "back slide". Kids take time to adjust to changes. Have a great day!

Jolene said...

I now see what you mean about wondering if the morning stroll will be easier on your allergies, poor girl! Hope you find relief soon!

only a movie said...

I just switched allergy meds, and it's helped.

Happy to your husband. :-)

You should definitely study photography! Sounds like a great plan...