Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Catfish & Murder

Mr and D were watching tv (no, this isn't a poem), lastnight. They were watching something called Monsters of the River (or something along those lines), a fishing show with the host trying to either prove/disprove the existence of monster-sized fish that did some terrible things. The last thing he caught was a huge Catfish, and as D has a short attention span that was all he really saw.
After hemming & hawing all night about bedtime, and then waking up in fear of thunderstorms that were rolling through, I finally got D back to bed. I was laying down next to him and he could really only see my silouette. I told him I loved him and to close his eyes. He whispered to me "Mom, did you know that your mouth looks like a Catfish's mouth when it's dark?"
Sweet. I just hope I don't have the whiskers to go with...

So, with the big moving part behind me, I need to reflect. I don't believe in killing. I don't hunt, or fish. I don't mind if others hunt to help provide for my needs, but I wouldn't kill anything if I was forced to, I'd rather live off of plants, or eat some kind of funky bug (yes, I know that's killing, but I'm taliking about mammals and warm blooded creatures here) to survive.
That being said I have only ever killed one thing up until this week, and that was a rabbit that jumped out in front of me, effectively committing suicide during my first drive down to Ohio from BC.
Anyhow, this past week, with all the trips I made while moving, I killed a bird (it flew into my widshield making a nasty splat), a fat groundhog (it darted out before I could swerve), and a few frogs (they hopped erratically). Yes, I'm now officially a murderer. *sigh*
And yet, life goes on.

5 thoughtful remarks:

My expressions LIVE said...

Murder on your resume! Hmmm...I could add other things that would fit you much;)

ceecee said...

Duuude, sorry you're a murderer :-P I've murdered once in my life and that was a raccoon. He was walking along at night, didn't see it, and ran him over. I felt the bump and then I cried...yes, I cried.

I almost killed another one but he stopped and I swerved. I do hope he wasn't run over by the guy behind me.

Amarie said...

The most I've ever killed were bugs! lol I'm impressed! :-D

Ama (aka MIL) said...

I know this may sound horrible, but please don't could end up worse off than hitting an animal and there's lots of us who would be greatly saddened!

Jack said...

I once ran over a cat - it was horrific! The poor little guy just darted out in front of me and I didn't have time to swerve or stop. I still shutter whenever I think about the "Bump, Bump" as the wheels drove over the poor animal.

I feel the same way about fishing and hunting. Hubby fishes but doesn't bring them home... catch and release :)