Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Eye Creams & Nipples

I've been finding it rather difficult to spend time out of the house lately. Allergies are too much to put up with, and I can put up with a lot.
Went out yesterday with MIL (who's back from WA state) to the fabric store. It was a few hour thing (as most things tend to turn into when you live in the country and have to drive to a city to do things), and wound up with us at the drug store searching for new allergy medicine, as well as a cream. See, after this entire week of yuckiness, I have rubbed the skin on my face raw. As in, dry, flaky, don't touch it or it'll burn, don't even breath on it, damn that wind is stinging me kinda ouch. The skin from my eyebrows down to my cheekbones is raw. I tried a few things at home to soothe them, unfortunately, most creams on the market contain either some form of alcohol or aloe vera, both of which burn like a bitch when placed on raw skin. I asked the pharmacist on duty what I might be able to use, and I tried a dab of his recommended stuff on a spot on my skin. About a minute later it started to burn, badly. I wiped it off, and grabbed another. It burned in a matter of seconds. I just said forget it, as I didn't want to harm my skin too badly. We headed for home, where I kicked back and relaxed, after allergy medicine over-dose. I couldn't figure out, by nightfall, why I had two very sore spots around my eyes, until I looked in a mirror. I have two bright red splotches on my skin on the spots where I had placed the cream for testing. I thought it just burned, turned out it actually did some damage.
I've ended up just using Olive Oil to moisturize, and hope that it heals up on it's own soon enough. Until then...bah bah bah make-up. Don't go screaming & running away now. Does anyone out there have any of their own remedies they've like to share with me? I could use em. Something to stop the dry burning, and rawness that'll help heal it in a timely fashion. It can't have alcohol or aloe vera.

Had to go to the fabric store for the stuff to make the chair pockets for D's teacher. The bill surprised me when it was over $120 for all that I needed. I can't imagine anyone paying full price for the stuff, scary. That's just the tip of the iceberg of what teacher's spend on their students per year. In any event, she agreed to pay for fabric, and I agreed to do the work for free :o) I liked her that much.

D has reached that curious kid point. I caught him pulling the legs off of a Daddy Long Leg spider the other day, after he spent an entire morning playing with a moth, continuously picking it up and rubbing the powder from it's wings so it couldn't fly. We had had enough, and had the "We don't torture helpless creatures talk". Can't wait to hear that one come back at us when we go hunting with my Grandpa. At least I'll be able to explain the difference, but I'm curious to see what it's gonna be like when it comes out of his mouth.

Was trying to get H ready for bed lastnight. I've managed to stop nursing during the day, but still nurse at bedtime (a vast improvement, trust me). He was ready for bed, and ready to nurse, but I wasn't. MIL was helping get him tucked in, and as she was holding him, he started tugging at her shirt.
Her response was "I'm sorry honey, but I can't nurse you, only mommy can do that."
He replied: "You don't have nipples?"
I was trying so very hard not to snicker and giggle as I had walked into the room in time to hear this bit, I was covering my mouth and turning away to hide it.
This turned into a quizzical "does daddy have nipples? Does Darius have nipples?"
"Yes Hunter, they have nipples, but mommy is the only one who can make milk for you." "Oh, Ok", and he crawled into bed.

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only a movie said...

I use Califlora Calendula gel for eczema and allergic rashes and it works really well. You can get it at Whole Foods or any organic sorta place...

Autumn said...

out of the mouths amber. it's so funny to have conversations with kids. sometimes it gets tricky doesn't it? he's a hunny by the way.

i'm not sure on the face creams. my skin breaks out when i use just about anything on it, so i'm not in the know. hope it heals quickly. looks tender. :(

Jack said...

I use olive oil for really dry skin... works well for me.

Are allergies something you suffer all summer long or only during certain times in the season?

Jack said...

Oh yeah! Olive oil is also great for dry nipples from nursing ;)

My expressions LIVE said...

Olive oil is good for many uses...xoxox