Sunday, October 11, 2009

Saturday Snapshots (on a Sunday)

And now, for a nice, quiet breather, in which we all take a deep breath, release, and relax a bit.
To catch you up on our going's on, here's a few snapshots from the last month of fun!

My new place of employment

Mr & H at preschool playing some Shape Bingo

D in the bouncy house at the local Reservation's Recreation Center/School's Open House

H loves his slides.

Mr chaperoned D's 2nd grade class to a local Creek/Waterfalls to catch a glimpse of the Kokanee Salmon Fish Spawning!

Fall made it's presence known

We made a 30 minute drive up the hill and found up some snow, even though you can't see it here. It was stinkin cold and breezy!

I have some free time to myself tonight, and thought I'd share it with you. I wanted to lighten up the mood a bit first though ;o) Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian blogger friends out there, I hope you remember all that you are thankful for!

2 thoughtful remarks:

only a movie said...

Great shots. It looks lovely out there. xo

Janet said...

Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!