Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Love My Kids

What a week it's been. Got my decorations from MIL, and put some up. Not all, mind you. I just don't have the energy to put them all up...yet.
I've noticed a complete lack of energy on my part, and it's bothersome.
Am busy making D's costume here, in the wee hours of the night.
Did I mention we're being a family of Ghostbusters? Yeah...this is what D's gonna be:Been chuckling at a few things. Last Language class (we're taking a class to learn the Okanagan Native Language), H was asked to hand a paper and a pen to someone, and after handing over the paper he began to walk away. My mom reminded him to give the pen over too, and he said "Where's the pen?" and proceeded to look all around him and under himself (picture him bending over to look both between his legs and under each foot carefully, as well as turning in a circle). Mom caught it first and started laughing, and I was soon to follow. When he realized we were laughing at him he caught on too. He started chuckling and said "I'm silly", because he had been holding it in his hand all along.
A couple of nights ago, while driving me to Cub Scouts for D, H was in the backseat asking question after question about where we were going and what we were doing. My mom was kindly answering him, and after a few responses she started ending them in "sweetie". He asked "Where are we going?", and she responded with "We're taking mommy to D's school, sweetie". He then repeated "We're going to D's school, sweetie?" He caught himself, and chuckled saying "You're not sweetie, I'm sweetie".
After watching D in the Beaver program here, I was unimpressed with how they structure it. Maybe I'm picky, have high standards, or am having trouble letting go of the reigns, but after paying $175 for him to enter the program, I'm unimpressed with the level of teaching they provide. It was bordering on chaos, and for having so many adults there able to step up their monitoring more, it was kind of silly.
I asked Mr to inquire about their level of structure, and whether this would be the norm or not. Their response was to say they do the bare minimum to get them their stuff from the book, and do play time the rest of the time. For $175, we're essentially paying for nice camping and feild trips, and a totally corny uniform.
After speaking with the leaders we found out there's another branch of the group in our vicinity that runs their group "Drill Sargeant" style. Now that's what I'm accustomed to. Our last Pack Leader was an ex-Air Force guy, and knew how to keep the kids in check. After considering my options, I knew what I would choose, but wanted to include D in the final decision.
After telling him about my comparasion and thoughts, he said he's much rather do the "Drill Sargeant" style, because he could learn more. He even said it before I had a chance to completely finish the comparasion.
Makes me teary just remembering it.
After all our fighting and struggling to get him out the door all those times, and the hassel it was, and the stress we put ourselves under to make sure everyone was learning as much as possible, and the tension we put up with when we weren't meeting other parents' standards, and everything else...I just remember thinking it was sort of a lost cause. I thought the entire time we put in as Den Leaders was going to be something he just didn't care about.
Turns out he'd rather do it the other way, and learn something, rather than just playing around. he prefers it that way.
They started a school reading program for the students. They're trying to encourage reading from each student, and are having a school-wide challenge to reach a certain number of books read by the end of the school year. D has read 32 so far (already meeting his fulfillment). He brings home two each night, and more on weekends, and reads them all. He reads out loud ot us, to himself quietly, and everywhere in the house you can imagine. Behind the couch, in the bathroom, under the bed, in the window, on his name it, I've caught him reading there.
He just makes me so flipping proud when he flaunts his responsibility and maturity.

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Hepburn Hilton said...

What an adorable costume!! Did you make it yourself?? I love the pen story, probably because I can relate. I'm always the one looking for my glasses while they are on my head!