Friday, October 30, 2009

I Love Halloween

I'm a Die Hard Halloween Fan. Always have been. I've always loved dressing up, carving pumpkins, and decorating. It's a make believe world, that nearly everyone participates in, at least for one whole day.
It's my favorite holiday, hands down.
So, naturally, I go all out. I go all out with treats, costumes, and decorations. I try my best to make it as enjoyable for everyone as I possibly can. I want to stick to people's memories because I did such a great job.
I made Orange-O-Lanterns for D's class treat this year (my third year making them). The Staff at the school loved them, and so did the kids.I made D his Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Costume, and the adults love it (not the kids so much, because not all of them have seen Ghostbusters), and so does D. He's spending as much time in it as he can...reading books, watching tv, and playing with his brother. I do need to remove it for bedtime though, sadly. He's so excited about it he shines when he talks about it, and gets this smile on his face when he thinks about it.That's why I go all out. This is my tradition. No store bought costumes allowed.

3 thoughtful remarks:

only a movie said...

Awesome costume and cute orange pumpkins. Have fun tomorrow!!

the girl in stiletto said...

ghost buster! *starts singing the ghost buster tune*

D is so cute in that fluffy costume. what about his brother though? what did he wear?

Hepburn Hilton said...

You made it yourself!How amazing!! I can see that it's the ghostbuster! But at first glance, I thought it was the michelin man! I have no idea how to spell that.

What did your other boy go as ??