Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Guilty as charged. I should be cleaning right now, as we will have company over, but it's so difficult leaving blogs unread and unpublished.
We're moving the baby gates from the main-ways today, as Grandpa K is blind and we don't want to hinder him unnecessarily.
I've made myself a list of things that I need to accomplish by the end of today, and as long as I get some done each hour, I'll be ok with it, and I'll know that I put forth a good amount of effort.
Anyhow, I plan on getting the majority of the food ready to go this evening. That means I'll be making some dinner rolls, and cinnamon rolls, and slicing and peeling all the vegetables (they store nicely in water overnight), and getting the minor trays (we don't have meals the day of, we just snack until dinner is served) ready, putting away most containers that aren't needed...making sure I have enough container for leftovers...yadah yadah.
I always worry about not having enough cutlery or dishes as I've only got our set of 8 to work with...what about serving spoon? Yikes...glad I can call my M-I-L.

"It's a beautiful lie
It's a perfect denial"
30 Second to Mars - Beautiful Lie

Started hanging my ceiling border last night in my room, then I realized I may not have gotten enough. I stopped after only one wall, thankfully it's a longer one, so if they don't have any of it left at the store I can just do the opposite and finish painting in the other two and leave it at that.
Anyone care to ask how much trouble that stupid ladder gave me? LOL It's one of those bend it anyway you want kind of ladders...real big, and akward as hell to manuever around furniture. Took me 15 minutes just trying to figure out how to get it to the position I wanted it in, then another ten to get it set up in the right place, frustrating, but I did it all on my own. I keep getting the feeling I'm relying way too much on my husband for those silly do-it-yourself things, and I really need to keep that portion of my identity, cause I feel it's important. Just cause I have a guy around doesn't mean I need to use him for everything, right? Thankfully, I'm not that far gone yet, I mean, I know how to use a hammer and screwdriver, so we're all good.

"Dont fall away
and leave me to myself
dont fall away"
Fuel - Hemmorage

Is anyone else planning on going shopping tommorrow night or Friday? We're going to brave the masses after dinner at a local outlet mall, and hopefully get at least one gift per person on our list. Thankfully, our list is a bit shorter this year as we're not doing all my aunts and uncles like we normally do, just the Key super duper special ones. I'm planning on sending back a couple of small boxes to my mom to hand out for me.

And in another year
The pain will disappear and I
Will look back on this life as if it were a scene
In a film somebody made for you and me
I wish you well"
Tom Cochrane - Wish You Well

I would give anything to be back home for Christmas this year...I can't tell you how much I've been daydreaming of being snowed in with my family playing board and video games, busying ourselves with different minor projects, and in general enjoying each others' company. Heck I'd even love to be Family Taxi this year. I'm so disappointed in myself for being a voice of reason and saying we'll stay here until June. I'd give anything to smell Gramma's cooking, listen to her wordless whistle and hum, laugh with my mom, play card games with my Uncle, and learn new computer tricks from my aunt. I'd give almost anything for my family this year. I want so badly to go for an evening walk in the snow, where the night time sky glows purple from the city lights, where all you can smell is snow and pine, and the snow muffles all sounds till all you can hear is your own feat crunching the snow go sledding by the truck headlights and bonfire at the local ski hill, to have random friends drop in and join us in our meals and gift giving. I wish I could be there for breakfast the morning after and watch them all try and figure out what to do with their new treasures, and wearing their new clothes, and take a billion and one pictures.
I'm so happy I'll be able to be with them next year, I don't think I could stand another year away, but if I take it one day at a time, my heart won't break so badly.

"In your mind, through your eyes, do you see?
It's the Fantasy"
30 Seconds To Mars - The Fantasy

2 thoughtful remarks:

Amarie said...

Awww, I definitely hope you get there next year.

Nietha said...

Ha Chance had to replace my kitchen lightbulb cause I couldn't get the stupid dome cover off. I need a mute little man to keep in my pocket that grows to a full-sized man when I need one. LOL.

Yeah next year will have to be a Super Duper Christmas get-together.