Friday, November 28, 2008

Dinner & Shopping

Well, we ended up trying to schedule the Turkey Dinner for 1pm. The Turkey, however, decided not to grace us with it's presence before our honored guests needed to make their exit. Thankfully, M-I-L brought a Spiral Ham for backup (as per my request), and we feasted on Ham and the fixings instead. I'm aghast that I forgot to bust out the Cranberry sauce, and that neither of my children cared for a lick of the food I slaved over all day. It makes me very sad. I wanted to curl my hair and had my hair up in rollers when everyone pulled up, shoulda seen me hustle to the bathroom to take them out and blow dry my hair. Mr. was teasin that he was gonna take photos and post em on Facebook, thank goodness it was only teasing. What a sight...bathrobe, apron, and rollers! Anyhow, I didn't get to make a pie either, but that's ok, more room for the regular stuff.
Well, after having a frustrating afternoon of them not eating, and then not taking naps, we got off to the M-I-L's to kill some time before heading to our local outlet mall for some early Christmas shopping. We played a bit of Yahtzee, got H into the bathtub and the like before we headed out at about 10pm.
The sale began at 11pm, and the first 500 ppl through their central doors got $15 g/c's, which we didn't wait for, but instead headed to their Lee/Wrangler store where we got $5 g/c's for being one of the first in the store. Yeah, I got 3 pairs of pants, a pair of wicked Holiday Knee socks, and a pretty sweater for $21. I rock. I know. SCORE!
The next store we visited where I bought something with was the Leather store where we got Mr.'s winter coat from last year. I'm sick of my Columbia coat...I've only had it for 5 years now, and though it still looks like new, I'm sick of not being stylish, for once I'd like to look less than practical. So, I scoped out the store (which was having a 30% off everything until such and such time) and picked out a beautiful White Wool Mid-length Jacket that was on sale for $42. *sigh* I could have gone home right then and been satisfied with what I got, I haven't spent that much money on myself in forever! On we went tot he next store, where I bought myself a new pair of Adidas running shoes (I've never owned a big name brand pair of shoes that I can recall) for the YMCA where I've managed to procure a membership recently, and plan on actually attending regularly once I get Hunter used tot heir sitters. Once again, we kept on, and made our way to the food court where we stopped and snagged a bite of Chinese food, and kept on to the K&B Toy Shop, where we snagged a few things for the boys. I'm impressed that this years' crowds were both smaller, and tolerant to others around them. Last year it was frickin colder than a polar bears' paw, and WAY too crowded to even consider waiting in line to purchase something, and extremely rude, causing me to leave earlier than planned.
We made our way back to M-I-L's and arrived around 2am, not bad for 3 hours worth of shopping, but the only problem remaining was the caffine still working it's way through my system. Needless to say I feel I got less-than-adequate sleep, but am still quite functional.
We ended up heading to WalMart today (as we needed a few grocery items to make it through) where we got a gift for my Stepdad, almost completing my list of stuff to get for my peeps back home.
I've been trying to decorate all night, but neither of the kids are interested, the Mr. is playing video games with a friend and hogging the TV, so I'm finding it difficult to get into the mood. Usually I pop on a Christmas movie or music and get hustling. Maybe I can complete it tomorrow night.
I hope everyone enjoyed themselves yesterday...I'm hoping to catch up on a bit of sleep this weekend, crossing my fingers that the boys will agree.

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Anonymous said...

I had a WONDERFUL time. The food was GREAT (pats on both our backs!), the kids were...well, kids. Appreciation from children for hard work is sometimes slow in coming, but sooner or later, you do get to experience it (they're 2 and 6, so don't expect it too soon). I really enjoyed the time with family and I know G Pa enjoyed it too, although he can be a bit reserved in admitting it! I'm glad we got to share the day with him. Kudos on your shopping and getting some really great bargains. I always say I'll do the Black Friday shop "next year," but I don't - guess I'm not that brave!

LarryG said...

that's a lovely profile pic missy!
Ham is a blessed backup!
and i hope your sleep went well...