Sunday, April 13, 2008

What A Week (Last week)

I'm glad it's over.
It started with signing Darius up for a play for Earth Day with the church last sunday, which was nice. Tuesday we had everyone from Chance's work over for a Mario Party 8 party, which was nice. Friday night we had them over again, this time including chance's boss guy for some more fun as well as dinner.
Darius has decided not to do ice skating anymore, preferring to do everything else instead of.
Wednesday night I went shopping with Chance and Hunter. Had to get some groceries. Our food stamps card got reduced by about half, and I'm trying to make sure everything is stretched nicely. Though it sometimes makes for boring eating, that happens that way when you eat all the good stuff first and leave everything else for later.
Tuesday night was fun, though a bit harried to keep up with the boys and company at the same time, I managed. Everyone left late, after I went to bed with Hunter I recall. Wednesday, I can't recall all of what we did, but I think I went and bought some new shoes?
Friday was eventful where we had everyone over again. Chance was horribly snippy and made me a nervous wreck where I began to think that nothing I was doing was going to be enough...clean enough, enough to eat, enough to do. I hate that feeling, and I ended up telling him if he was going to be that way every time people were over to just stop inviting them.

Anyhow, they came over, we ate, and were bumming around in general when Chance says there's storms on the way. I tend not to think anything of it, and just try and be on my merry way, cause otherwise I get obsessed. Anyhow, a while later, after watching the lightning out the window, we see some guy driving by the front of the house with flashing lights yelling out the window with a mega-phone to "take shelter immediately". Rhonda was over helping me with the kids, so we got them lopped into the basement (which I'm sure couldn'tve been easy) and started shipping needed items down there with them. Was pretty hairy there for a bit, cause you can't really see anything until the lightning strikes and even then only for a split second. Anyhow, after I just panicked and stopped moving, the storms moved on from our area and left us with nothing to worry about. I fed us some more, and they played more Mario Party 8 (I'm so glad I suggested it to Darius), and then they went on their merry way, chuckling about the evenings events. God, was I exhausted afterwards. The next morning I felt like I had hips the size of texas they were so sore.
Didn't do a whole lot Saturday I don't think, cept try and clean up...
I started this blog on Sunday, but never finished it...hope there's not a whole lot I forgot, oh well, I'm posting it anyways.

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