Monday, April 21, 2008

I got bangs cut into my hair by a lazy woman...and ended up fixing them myself at home. pictures on Flickr.
Darius had a play at the church on Sunday, and he did amazing! They didn't need to memorize lines, but acted out what others read for them. He was a bit nervous (though he says he just didn't feel like doing it, and changed his mind), but he muddled through ok. He was a bit focused on the crowd, and came running off the stage at least twice (once for a potty break and another cause he thought he was done) and the second time when he made his way back up he started bowing before he even reached the line of other kids taking their waves (they didn't really bow) which prompted a big chuckle from the audience. Everyone said I had a star in the making.
It's going to be a busy week. Tonight I had Hospice training, tomorrow I have a quilting club with the church, Wednesday I see a counselor about Darius, and Thursday we have a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.
Anyhow...I'm just glad I got everyone's letters out by a decent time. :o)

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